What Hair Colour is Most Likely To Win Miss World? [Analysis]

What Hair Colour is Most Likely To Win Miss World? [Analysis]

The options for women to improve their physical appearances are increasing every passing year.  These days a lot of women are changing their hair colour in order to look better.  And it is becoming easier for women to do that due to the large number of products available in the markets.

Many women in the western countries prefer blonde colour thinking that it makes them look more attractive.  In Asian countries like India, the trend is to try brown colour since the most common hair colour in the country in black.  Few women also try colours like red to improve their looks.  Thus number of options are available and the pageant aspirants have a fair shot at choosing what colour will give them maximum chances of victory.  To help them make decisions, here are some facts about the hair colours of the recent winners of Miss World pageant, which is definitely the biggest pageant of the world, when it comes to participation.

Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss
Rolene Strauss
Rolene Strauss

Reigning Miss World 2014 Rolene Strauss (Miss South Africa) has brown hair, she is a brunette.  Recently shared a picture of her with blonde hair, which got a negative feedback.  Some claim that if she had corrected the make-up while trying the blonde wig, she could have looked amazing.  This all the five finalists of Miss World 2014 were brunettes!

Miss World 2013 Megan Young
Megan Young
Megan Young

Megan Young (Miss Philippines) won Miss World 2013 with black-coloured hair. The first runner-up was Miss France with brown hair and the second runner-up as Miss Ghana with black hair.

Miss World 2012 Wen Xia (Miss China PR) – Black
Miss World 2011 Ivian Sarcos (Miss Venezuela) – Black
Miss World 2010 Alexandria Mills – Blonde
Miss World 2010
Alexandria Mills

Alexandria Mills (Miss United States) was the last blonde beauty to win Miss World.  Apart from her, only 3 blondes have won Miss World in past 15 years.  They are Miss World 2008 Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss Russia), Miss World 2006 Taťána Kuchařová (Miss Czech Republic) & Miss World 2003 Rosanna Davison (Miss Ireland).

Since 2000…

7 Black-hair.
4 Brunettes.
4 Blondes.
0 Red-Hair.

Thus, BLACK colour is the most favoured hair-colour at winners in the recent years.  Of course, this doesn’t mean that Miss World Organization filters out girls with rest hair-colours.  It doesn’t mean all girls should die their hair black when trying for Miss World.  A girl should pick the colour that suits her look and in which she feels the best in.  Hair-colour is not the deciding factor for Miss World title.  It’s just that  this “Black v/s Blonde v/s Brunette” debate is fun!

Picture credits: Facebook pages of Rolene Strauss, Megan Young & Alexandria Mills