Mr India World 2015 Hotpicks [Detailed Review]

Mr India World 2015 Hotpicks [Detailed Review]

Mr India World 2015 Glam Shot

Mr India World 2015 has been one of the best version of Male pageant till date in the history of Indian pageants. Why? Because of the following reasons.

1) The selection of the contestants  was made across major cities of India where 1000s of guys tried their luck. We rarely see male pageants getting this much footage.

2) The pageant had awesome sub contests like Best Body, Mr Personality, Mr Photogenic, Best Hair, Best Actors and all of them were covered so well. We actually got to see a lot of pictures of all the contestants. This helped us to analyse all the contestants in-depth.

3) The pool of the candidates is better than last year. We could see at least guys who with a bit of grooming will be bang on at international arena of Mr World 2015.

4) The brand value of Male Pageant is increasing due to the initiative by Provogue. This will ensure we have equally good male pageants in India as good as female pageants, which was the ONLY domination till now.

Coming on to the final picks for the pageant, our experts’ went through all the pictures and videos that were available and have picked their favourites in various departments in previous articles. It’s not time that we reveal our Final Hotpicks for the title of Mr India World 2015 .

Mr India World 2015 Hotpicks

Mr India World 2015 Hotpicks


Winner: Ankit Arora

This guy is a rare find of the pageants. He has got the looks, perfect body and extremely warm personality. Our experts previously pointed out that his looks resembles to Arjun Kapoor and body is a prototype of John Abraham. He has been crowds’ favourite form the day they saw them at the auditions and he has never disappointed us. He lived upto the hype throughout the pageant and if he wins tomorrow at Mr India World 2015, he will be a force to reckon with at Mr World 2015 pageant. Hence, he simply topped the list of Mr India World 2015 Hotpicks.

1st Runner Up: Rohit Khandelwal

It was very difficult to put this guy at position 2 of Mr India World 2015 Hotpicks, but finally our expert settled down with Ankit as a winner. We feel Rhohit has this STAR quality that can’t be taught, it’s from within. Rohit has extremely clean look and a cute smile that will surely attract the attention of judges. We won’t be surprised if he wins the main title tomorrow night.

2nd Runner Up: Suraj Chhajed

Suraj is a guy with exotic features, like those of latin representatives. If he wins and represents India at Mr World 2015, he will impress the jury with his westners look. Suraj can also fit in the ‘Cute to look’ kind of image of the Mr World and can easily be a successor of Nicklas Pedersen.

3rd Runner Up: Akshay Jain

Akshay Jain joined a bit late in the pageant as he replaced Viren. But that didn’t stop him from getting noticed by our experts. This guy already won the contest of Perfect body which shows that he had already impressed the jury. Having good body is also a plus point at international stage. Akshay has innocent vibes that emits the radiance. He can surely be a Top 5 tomorrow.

4th Runner Up: Jitesh Thakur

Although we have kept Jitesh Thakur at 5th position in Mr India World 2015 Hotpicks, don’t be shocked to see him winning tomorrow. This guy is full of personality and can easily charm his way towards the title. He is a silent killer of the contest who was a dark horse in the beginning but channelled his way towards being one of the favourites.

5th Runner Up: Manish Mudgil

Manish has one of the most wel toned body of the pageant and has got the boyish look, which is doing well off lately at Mr World pageant. But the main question is, will the jury of Mr India Wolrd 2015 choose him? Well, he certainly can be one of the Top 5 tomorrow.

6th Runner Up: Dhiman Ulhas

We call him the rough dude of the pageant.. 😉 The top 7 list of Mr India World 2015 Hotpicks won’t be complete without his inclusion. Dhiman is one guy who has spent the most productive time in gym and it shows very well. He has slight resemblance to Arman Kohli. If Dhiman has personality of star on the stage, mark our words, he may just end up in final 3 tomorrow.

Honourable Mentions: Shishir Singh, Sagar Gera, Rupinderjit Singh (one of them might surprise us in finale)

Pic Credits: Mr India World Facebook Page.

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