Katie Knowles, a disabled model is now beauty queen in UK! [Inspiration]

Katie Knowles, a disabled model is now beauty queen in UK!

Katie Knowles
Katie was struck down by a rare spinal condition at just 15 years of age

Katie Knowles, 24, will be creating history as she will be part of the catwalk round in Miss North East Great Britain contest.  She is an aspiring lawyer from Newcastle.  She was struck with a rare spinal condition as a teenager which left her permanently disabled.  Still Katie has not given up. She will be walking during the finals with a “Glamstick” crutch!  She says, “I’m really excited to be involved.  I’m hoping to break down barriers and change perceptions of not just beauty pageant but disabled people.

Katie Knowles is a perfect example of immense courage. In spite of disability, she got her law degree from Northumbria university.  Then she got into modeling.  Miss North East GB is a unique pageant because it allows married women with children to also participate.  Katie has walked shows in London & featured in a shoot for Weight Watchers and now wants to be Miss Newcastle.  Katie says that she would be elated to win but even being a finalist is great.  She says that her intention in participation is to change the perception that disabled people are weak. She doesn’t want disabled people to think of themselves as inferior.

We are glad that there are strong and powerful people like Katie Knowles in the world who are willing to change the perception.  It takes something to be the odd one out and challenge the conventions, but it is these rare individuals who initiate change in the world.

Credits: North Umberland Gazzette