Paulina Krupinska – “The Unsung Heroine” [Article]

Paulina Krupinska – “The Unsung Heroine”

Paulina Krupinska

The Unsung Heroine” is the weekend feature of TGPC wherein we present the stories of beauties who did very well in their international pageant but were not called among semi-finalist during finale. Our today’s pick is Paulina Krupinska, Miss Polonia 2013.

Paulina Krupinska was crowned Miss Polonia and she got the official right to represent Poland in Miss Universe 2013, held in Russia. It was a bit challenging task for Paulina as the sash  of Poland was not too heavy when it comes to Miss Universe. Moreover her predecessor Marcelina Zawadzka managed to place in Top 15 of Miss Universe 2012. Hence, the expectations from Paulina were high.

Paulina Krupinska
Paulina Krupinska’s arrival picture at Moscow for Miss Universe 2013

Paulina Krupinska was already a notable favourite before she arrived at Moscow, Russia for the Miss Universe 2013 Pageant. But the moment she stepped in, she blew away all the fans and became an instant favourite along with the girls from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Russia etc. She had this unstoppable vibes that it was too difficult to ignore noticing her in pictures or videos. She was also one of the most beautiful faces of the contest. Paulina managed to impress us with her charming vibe in her video Interview at Miss Universe 2013.

Paulina Krupinska

Paulina Kripinska’s Snow princess was one of the best shots by Fadil Berisha. Her smile added radiance to the shot. And based on these pictures, it was easy to say that she would be a hot favourite to be running for the title of Miss Photogenic. Also, based on this pic, she was also able to manage grab 1st spot in many predictions for Miss Universe 2013 crown.

Coming to the finale, her beauty, as usual, managed to impress us all. Her evening gown wasn’t great, it had length issues, but the colour worked well on her skin and she also worked it well on the stage. However, many thought she could have gone for 2 piece bikini rather than 1 piece as it was odd one out in the crowd. Btw, Miss Switzerland 2013 also wore 1 piece bikini and managed to place in Top 15 later on.

The shock came the finale where stunning Paulina Krupinska was left out in ice. Many thought that she would end up winning the crown but that didn’t happen. In fact she missed the Top 15 itself. We were shell-shocked that how could the face of Paulina not save her from getting excluded? In fact she managed to win the title of Miss Photogenic as well. How did she fail to place in Miss Universe 2013 is still a mystery to us !!!