Miss USA 2015 Trivia !!

Miss USA 2015 Trivia Time !!

  • Last 5 Title-holders were from states that never won before!  (Oklahoma, Nevada, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland for Nana)
  • In 1989, winner was Texas and 1st Runner-up Oklahoma.  In 2015, winner is Oklahoma and 1st Runner-up is Texas!
  • Olivia Jordan is Oklahoma’s first ever Miss USA winner!
  • Olivia Jordan will be the first to represent the US at both Miss World and Miss Universe.  She was a semi-finalist at Miss World 2013.
  • Olivia is the second Boston University student named Olivia to win Miss USA.  The other is of course Olivia Culpo who went on to win Miss Universe!
Miss USA 2015 Trivia
Miss Rhode Islands wore the same gown which Miss International Queen 2014 winner from Venezuela wore. (Credits to PageantUpdate.info)
  • Four of the last five Miss USA titleholders have competed in California!  Alyssa Campanella (2011 winner), Nana Meriwether (2008 non-finalist and a runner-up from 2009-2011), Nia Sanchez (runner-up in 2010 and Top 20 from 2011-12) and Olivia Jordan was first runner-up in 2013.
  • Three of this year’s Top 5 were same as 2012 – Maryland, Nevada, Rhode Island.
  • 2nd Runner-up Anea Garcia referenced her school in her final answer.  St Mary’s Bay View has a long history of pageant success stories amongst their alumni – including Olivia Culpo, Miss USA 2007 1st Runner-up Danielle LaCourse.
  • Alabama placed for 6th consecutive year, Maryland for 5th and Louisiana for 4th.
  • Kentucky placed for first time since 2009, Hawaii since 2011 & Michigan since 2012.
Miss USA 2015 Trivia
Miss New York Thatiana DIaz is one of the very few girls to have placed both in Miss USA & Miss Teen USA. (Credits: PageantUpdate.info)
  • Thatiana Diaz (NY) and Emma Wo (Hawaii) were the only former Teens to make cut this year.
  • Same “last 2 standing” results in Miss USA 2015 & Miss Teen USA 1986 – both winners were from Oklahoma – blonde beauties and both 1st Runner-ups were brunette hispanics from Texas!
  • THE DELAWARE CURSE IS BROKEN!  Renee Bull has made history as Delaware’s first Miss USA semi-finalist.  
  • First ever tie for Miss Congeniality!  Miss Delaware Renee Bull shared the honours with Miss Alaska Kimberly Agron.  Both were sunny yellow gowns which lead to #yellowisthecolourofjoy hast-tagging!