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Miss USA 2015 Crown is a JOKE..!!!

Miss USA 2015 Crown is a JOKE..!!!

Miss USA 2015 Crown

Miss California USA 2015 with the new crown

I wish I could un-see the most horrendous looking crowns of all time. Yes, I am talking about Miss USA 2015 Crown. It has no charm value and the worth is not visible, I assume it must be as costly as Miss Universe Crown. We recently saw Miss Universe Denmark 2015 crown and we were left in ‘AWE’ and when I saw Miss USA 2015 Crown, my reaction was no less than ‘WTF?’

The crown is no different from Miss Universe 2014, which is another horror by the way, except few random stars. And what I fail to understand is what the need of those linings from top to bottom in diagonal direction? Miss Universe Org gave contract to DIC Jewellery Company for next 10 years. The result of that was very disappointing. I still miss that Mikimoto crown and the new Miss USA 2015 crown makes me feel miss that even more. I wish they ask them to change this crown as soon as possible.

Miss USA 2015 Crown

Miss Universe 2015

By the way, the crown of Miss Universe also looked extremely cheap and as if it was made up of some shining plastic material. It really doesn’t say MISS UNIVERSE to me.

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