Miss USA 2015 Video Interviews: Top 5

The Miss USA season is at it’s peak and we are getting to know more and more about the delegates of the pageants.  Already some girls have begun to stand out from the bunch and the video interviews are making the race race more interesting.  The video interviews help us know the girls more and generally the best girls do manage to shine out in this portion.  Last year Nia Sanchez was one of our favorites based on the videoo interviews.  Perhaps this year too the future winner may be in our Top 5!

As such there are many interviews that were good, in fact majority of them were.  But in particular 5 video interviews stood out from the rest to us.

Miss USA 2015 Video Interviews – The TOP 5

Miss Kentucy USA 2015 Katie George

Katie comes across as very calmn and confident in front of the camera.  Her smile is good.  I personally loved the bit where she explains her passion for sports and why being a “setter” in volleyball team is something that appeals to her.  She says that she wants to be a real person, an attainable role model who can inspire young girls and make them aware that you can be both – sportsperson and a beauty, that you can blend both the worlds.

Miss Oklahoma USA 2015 Olivia Jordan

Olivia Jordan comes across very girly and sweet in the video.  She is always smiling and giggling.  She is very beautiful and reminds me of Jennifer Hawkins at times!  She talks about modelling, fitness, social work, family – pretty much every subject you would like to hear from a beauty queen.  She ends her video with a motivational idea, “Go after everything, you can do anything”!

Miss Rhode Island USA 2015 Anea Garcia

Anea is very confident and well-spoken.  She is very tall and lean.  She is highly educated and wants to be a criminal attorney.  She talks how her mother was raped at 13 and thus she was born; her grand-mother adopted her and she owes everything in her life to her.  She says she becomes stronger by sharing this story becomes she feels it can be inspiring.  


Miss Pennsylvania USA 2015 Elizabeth Cardillo

Elizabeth’s is one of the “real” interviews.  This girl is just being herself, not showing to the people what she perceives them to be wanting to see.  She talks just about two things in the video but she does it with a lot of passion.  First is about her parents – how she was adopted in 3 days of her birth and how her parents really consider her special.  The second thing is about her passion for bridal gowns!  You can see the glim in her eyes as she talks about her interests in the video.

Miss Maine USA 2015 Heather Elwell

Heather first talks about lobsters.  She enjoys eating them and she enjoys catching them.  Then she talks about her love for music and how she was introduced to musical instruments at a young age.  The good thing about this interview is that she seems real.  Heather presents her real self to us.  She speaks with confidence and wants to be accepted for who she is.

Oklahoma and Rhode Islands have been considered strong contenders by all.  Seeing them in the list makes us seriously consider the possibility of them being the final Top 2 holding their hands and waiting for the results.  it is really possible.  Michigan is a very confident girl, the kind of which have cause upsets in pageants by being under-dogs.  Keep an eye on her!  Maine & Pennsylvania may not be Miss USA front-runners, but they are here in the list for being themselves and presenting to us their lives with confidence and honesty. 

Honorable Mentions:
Miss Arizona Maureen Montagne
Miss Hawaii Emma Wo
Miss Michigan Rashontae Wawrzyniak
Miss Montana Tahnee Peppenger
Miss Nevada Brittany McGowan
Miss North Carolina Julia Dalton
Miss Maryland Mame Adjei

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Video Credits: Miss USA YouTube channel