Yellow will not be the colour of joy at Miss USA this year.

Jeannie Mai withdraws from co-hosting Miss USA 2015

jeannie mai
Jeannie’s “Yellow is the color of joy” became quite famous among fans.

Jeannie Mai has declared that she will not be a part of Miss USA 2015 pageant now.  She says she does not support Trump’s words and had decided to continue being a part of Miss USA thinking he would not be involved in production of the show.  But that is not the case.  Also, she is upset by Trump’s recent comments on the reigning Miss Universe.  Hence she has chosen to withdraw from her job of hosting the pageant.

Last week Jeannie Mai had announced her decision to support the women of Miss USA 2015 by continuing her job as the co-host.  She intended to focus on the women involved because she shared with them the ethics of hard work, commitment and passion for their careers and the causes that she pursues.  She has co-hosted many Miss Universe events in past 5 years and has made many friends along the way, admiring them.  But she is sad that the participants this year are a victim of the recent controversy.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump bashed Paulina Vega on twitter & former Miss Universe Natalie Glebova came to her rescue.

It must be noted that Paulina Vega declared on Twitter that she does not support Trump’s remarks.  Trump reverted saying she is a hypocrite for not leaving Miss Universe title in spite of disagreement.  Paulina said she is under contract and support Miss Universe organization’s work, so she would not resign.

Jeannie has been donating her compensation to charity.  This year she will continue supporting the women competing in the pageant by donating to the platform and charity of the new Winner.

Our take: We feel everyone ought to follow their feelings and choose what is really best for them.  It is really OK to change your mind, the important thing is to follow what your heart says.  Often the change in decisions comes as a result of new information and clarity about issues.  Same thing seems to have happened in this case.  We are on Jeannie’s side. 🙂

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Credits: Jeannie Mai FB page

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