10 Struggles ONLY people following Pageants will know…!!!

10 Struggles ONLY people following Pageants will know…!!!


Pageants are altogether seen as a different domain when it comes to following and followers. But as any other sports or show, this also has a huge community of crazy fans.

Some People like Football

Some People like Cricket

Some People like F1 race

Some People like Award shows

and then here are we, we like PAGEANTS..!!!

Now following pageant is not a very common activity in most of the countries, until and unless you are from Philippines, Thailand, Venezuela, Indonesia etc. Hence, to every follower, there will be few hurdles, few struggles and few achievements that only a true pageant follower will understand. Presenting you our unique list for 10 struggles only a Pageant follower will know.

1) You feel to kill the people who believes Miss Universe and Miss World are the same pageant.

L to R: Miss World, Miss Russia and Miss Universe. They are different!!!

 How you hate it when they call any beauty queen winner as Miss World or at times Miss Universe? Especially those local news paper people, who might even post “Paulina Vega, Miss World 2014, was found with all wrong styling in New York‘. Dude, you need more education, seriously..!!!

2) You follow pageant? What are you? A girl?

Now this question is quite typical to for guys following pageant. Well, do you ask same questions to girls who follow football or who plays basket ball? No..!!! Then why to boys? And btw, guys get to see hot girls here, isn’t is a guy thing?? 😉

3) You feel so much of pressure to Predict the correct winner.

You keep on arriving with new list of winner at different point of time till the finale. You feel predicting the correct winner is much more important than getting 35% marks in exam 😛 . Not only winner, you are also worried to get all the Top 15 correct to win various prediction games you play on various pageant portals.

4) You find it very difficult to exclude Miss Venezuela and host country delegate from you final prediction list.

If she can make it to the Top 10 due to her HEAVY sash on her HEAVY body. You better dare not keeping Venezuela out of your list

Yes, you most probably don’t want to lose prediction game scoring by not putting a host delegate and you NEVER dare to keep Venezuela out of your prediction list, even if a grandma with stick is representing Venezuela.

5) You come up with justification for a debate.

Why some favourite failed to make first cut? Why some dark horse placed so high? How some deserving girl was sabotaged in final round? How someone could have given a better answer and won? You have to prepare all the answers to debate with your fellow pageant mate on various groups and portals. For you, winning debate is like changing the final results.

6) Your Geography is so good that your friend think you are freak.


Yes, it happens..!! When you speak out names like Tahiti, Haiti, Montenegro, Mozambique, Seychelles, Kosovo and to name a few, they think such countries don’t even exists and you are just bluffing. But you got an edge dude, you got and EDGE..!!!

7) You have a whole new dictionary to describe a beauty.

When you friends say, “look at that chick, she is so hot”. You say, “She is plain jane, a butter face.” Which they don’t even know the meaning of. Words like Beauty Scale, Clapper, Goddess, Super Beauty, Butter face etc. constitute your whole new dictionary.

8) You can almost write  ‘Spanish’ in languages known  in your Resume.


Well, not literally we meant, but yeah most of the girls reaching Top 5 in any pageant are Spanish-speaking countries, apart from English, so somehow you have a good grasp in understanding Spanish. You often say, Hola, Gracias and feel that you know SPANISH, Bravo..!!! 

9) You are often treated as a STALKER.

Yes, when you try to approach some beauty queen or participants on their social media too often they might treat you as a stalker. Whereas your only intention was to help them for their upcoming pageant but oh well….

10) You think you are Osmel Sousa.


Admit it! Each one of you must have thought, at times, that if you had to prepare a representative, you could train her so well that she would win the crown without a doubt. Now you are laughing.. 😉

Pic Courtesy: Nick Verreos

-Article by Dipak Shahi