Paulina Vega’s fashion stylist should be fired right away.

Paulina Vega’s fashion stylist should be fired right away

Paulina Vega

Paulina Vega, Miss Universe 2014, recently attended the NYMag Toasts Tourneau at Tourneau Boutique in New York City in a black dress. All we could say was, ‘OMG. God bless her’. Yes, this girl has gone from a top most peak to deep down valley in terms of styling. The whole look is just so unfinished that the only thing it can do is hurt your eyes..!!!

Paulina Vega also seems to have gained some weight, those chubby cheeks, and is looking bloated now a day. There was a time where we rated her as the Best in Swimsuit at Miss Universe 2014 and now there is a time where we may compare her with Migbellis Castellanos. There previous instances where Miss Universe put on weight during their reign and created buzz, like Zuleyka Rivera, Alicia Machado. Anyway, lets comeback to the main point, we want to ask this girl, “Do you even check mirror before leaving home?”. How could you even wear this and go to events with such an unfinished look? Girl, you are Miss Universe…!!!!

The bigger culprit is the Fashion Stylist/Advisor of Paulina Vega. He/She seems to have lost track of fashion because this is not the first time Paulina has bloated up to some event like this. In previous few events as well she looked so badly styled. This is why I prefer Rolene Strauss above Paulina Vega. Rolene Strauss’s styling is a class apart for sure.

Well, you should know one more thing, Paulina Vega is not the first Miss Universe to be looking oddly styled. Last year, Gabriela Isler had the same issue where her styling went bit down the hill. However, she recovered it later on and never had weight issues at least. What is your opinion? Do you think Paulina needs to change the stylist?

Pic Courtesy: Getty Images.