Miss Myanmar Supranational 2015 is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Miss Myanmar Supranational 2015 – L. Bawk Nu

Ok guys, Miss Supranational Asha Bhat was present at Miss Golden Land Myanmar and she looked beyond words spectacular.  Anyways, that’s another story, because if I get started on that, I will get strayed from the topic of this post! lol!  I just happened to see the pictures of the winners from Myanmar and I have to say Miss Myanmar Supranational 2015 L. Bawk Nu caught my eye.  She has a very cute face!  Her smile is very sweet.  Facially L. Bawk Nu is very strong.  She is a genuine beauty.  And she looks pretty elegant and smart!  Very attractive.

Now how she does at an international pageant really depends.  It’s about the walk, the talk, the personality – so many things.  But when it comes to beauty, this girl has got it!  Have a look at her beautiful pictures (credits to her Facebook fan-page).

What do you guys think?  Isn’t she stunning!?  Exuberant, youthful and really pretty! <3