Donald Trump, Lupita Jones and DRAMA!!

Donald Trump, Lupita Jones & DRAMA!

Acts are fun when there is a good comedian/drama-king.  But when you have two entertainers in an act instead of just one, expect a hell lot of drama!  The same thing is happening right now! 😉  Ok we will take one entertainer at a time!

Donald Trump wants to be the President of America!

First we have Mr. Donald Trump!  LOL!  So Mr. Trump has announced his intention to contest in the American Election for President.  Now we are no experts, but he is perhaps at the 12th place among those who can be candidates as Republican in the election – means his chances are dim.  Americans better not pick the man because he is trying to “make America great again”, thereby acknowledging his dismay.  I mean, is America not great now?  Anyways, I am not an American and hence I drop my guns on this one right here.  But apparently, Mr. Trump often speaks a lot about Mexico and it’s not that positive!

Donald Trump, Lupita Jones & DRAMA!

Lupita Jones often uses Twitter as her weapon:

Now turn to bring the second entertainer into the picture.  Lupita Jones, the national director of Mexico and Miss Universe 1991 winner, reacted to this as mentioned in the picture above.  She wrote this on her twitter!  And now, we have one more statement from her.

“Following the first statements made by Donald Trump, where he openly showed his enmity with Mexico, as national Director of Nuestra Belleza Mexico I go in direct contact with the director of the organization, Paula Shugart, to know the position of the Mexican representative in the Organization,” said Jones. “She assured me that there will be a respectful, dignified and fair treatment of Wendy Esparza. I trust in the seriousness, honesty and professionalism of Paula Shugart.”

Donald Trump, Lupita Jones & DRAMA!
Mariana’s exclusion from Top 7 of Miss World 2012 did not go well with Lupita, who took to Twitter to express her anger.

Anyway, drama is not new to Lupita Jones.  After Miss World 2012, she took to Twitter and lashed out at Julia Morley!  She had said that Julia Morley has blocked Mexicans from Miss World.  Now the thoughts of Lupita are not baseless because the stunning Perla had to suffice with 1st runner-up post in Miss World 2009 and even in 2014, Miss Mexico deserved Top 5 spot.  She as Top 5 in Beach Fashion and had impressed everyone with her presentation in Top Model.  She was very beautiful facially.  In fact, even in Miss Universe 2014-15, Miss Mexico was amazing in presentation show, and surprisinly missed the cut in finals.


Anyway, in this whole drama, the person who will benefit the most is…………

Donald Trump, Lupita Jones & DRAMA!
Wendolly Esparza Delgadillo – Miss Universe Mexico 2015

Yes!  Because Miss Universe loves controversy-queens!  Miss France 2001 placed and we feel that had something to do with rumors about her being a man!  Miss Indonesia 2005 placed and we feel that had something to do with opposition in her country about the participation!  So don’t be surprised if Wendolly cracks the Top 5 at Miss Universe this year!  That’s just how Miss Universe works sometimes!  Oh well…