Femina Miss India 2015 V/S Femina Miss India 2014

Femina Miss India 2015 V/S Femina Miss India 2014: Progress, Retrogress or Status Quo?

It’s almost been 2 months since Femina Miss India 2015 winners were crowned.  Aditi Arya from Gurgaon pulled off a surprise by winning the main crown where as underdog Aafreen Vaz, the Campus Princess winner from Managlore walked away with the first runner-up crown.  Lucknow’s Vartika Singh won the 2nd runner-up crown.  The whole point of comparing the current batch from the previous one is to see how far they have exceeded, or do they need to work more. The TWO big POSITIVES are that the girls are better dressed than the previous batch and all 3 of them are quite active on social media, so it is easy for the followers to stay updated!

Femina Miss India winners at WAR!

Femina Miss India 2015
Gail Nicole D’silva Vs Vartika Singh

Gail Nicole Da Silva won Miss Goa in 2013 and registered her presence in the minds of the fans with her unique hair-do.  She looked very fit.  Her presence in Top 10 of Femina Miss India 2013 was quite fair and she actually answered a very difficult question from Ritu Kumar in a nice way.  She looked quite good and hence it was a pleasure to see her in back in 2014.  She stayed quiet and low-profile and yet she managed to win the third spot in Miss India 2014.  She was very sweet towards our community when she agreed to be a part of TGPC’s “Love Your Parents” campaign.  We were very impressed by her performance at Miss United Continents 2014.  We saw a more confident Gail and oh she looked wonderful in finals!  We wish the best to our Gail – she has been a good Miss India!

Vartika Singh, just like Gail, is a second-time contestant.  Her first stint was Miss Diva 2014!  She looked stunning and almost judge agreed to that!  She won Miss Photogenic and cracked Top 7 in spite of minimal grooming prior to the pageant.  She returned back in Femina Miss India 2015 and we saw so much improvement in her!  She again won Miss Photogenic.  She has worked as a consultant for child health with government before and that perhaps helped her in winning the prestigious “Beauty with a purpose” title at Miss India.  She also won “Best in National costume”.  She was Top 5 in “Miss Body Beautiful”.  In finals, she looked amazing – regal, and oh what an aura she has!  She won the third spot at Femina Miss India 2015 finale and will represent India at Miss Grand International. She can be the first Miss Grand International from India, she really has everything that takes to win it!  She can bring pride to India!

We love both, but Vartika is definitely a step ahead in terms of physical beauty.  Hence our verdict for 2nd Runner-up spot is: PROGRESS!

Femina Miss India 2015

Jhataleka Malhotra is again a second-attempt beauty!  Her first stint was Miss Diva 2013!  She finished in the Top 5.  She looked amazing in the finals.  Everyone wanted her to come back.  Our experts had predicted this then itself!  She did come back in Miss India 2014.  She looked like a million bucks in her initial pictures in black bikini.  She was a favorite for the main crown, and in finals she finished second.  Those who watched the finals vouch that among the Top 3, she was the one who gave the best answer.  With so much positivity around her, hopes were high that she will win the Miss International crown.  She won Miss Internet and was always appreciated a lot for her styling and looks.  How we wish she had placed!

Aafreen Vaz is OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) and hence she is not eligible for Miss World pageant.  She won “Campus Princess” and slowly became a favorite in Femina Miss India 2015.  Her video interview was highly popular and she was in Top 8 for “Miss Body Beautiful”.  She was a favorite of many and she delivered to the hype.  She looked amazing in finals.  Her presence and walk were very good.  Her answer was good too.  Her smile looked stellar!  She finished as the 1st Runner-up, the highest that she could considering her passport issue.  She will represent India at Miss Supranational.  Since Asha Bhat is the reigning Miss Supranational and the crown has been in Asia since 2 years, Aafreen’s journey will be challenging.  Nevertheless she is strong and will definitely place high, if not win, in the pageant.

Both are beauties, but Aafreen is definitely better than Jhataleka Malhotra in every aspect – prettier, fitter & smarter! 🙂  We expect a high placement from Aafreen at Miss Supranation.  Our verdict for 1st Runner-up girls: PROGRESS!

Femina Miss India 2015


Koyal Rana was a hot-favorite for Miss India 2014 the moment she stepped into auditions.  One of our friends was present and he told us how many girls were scared – Koyal just glowed and stood out like no one else!  She was Miss India Teen 2008 & also Miss Universal Teen 2009!  Yes, she was an international pageant winner.  She won Miss Delhi with ease and then again easily won Miss India 2014.  She was into social work much before Miss India and won “Beauty with a purpose” title.  On winning Miss India, within few months, she gained good amount of lean muscle weight and looked totally ready to win the Miss World title.  She was a big favorite!  She lived up to the hype by doing extremely well at many fast-track events.  She was a part of “Dances of the World” and looked spectacular in the red dress.  She was in Top 32 of Miss Sports & fitness!  She was in Top 5 of Miss Multimedia.  She was Top 5 in Beach Fashion.  She was in Top 20 of Top Model.  The gown she wore in Dress Designer’s Award round was the winning dress – a design by Shane & Falguni Peacock.  She was among the 5 winners of Beauty with a purpose.  When Top 10 was announced in Miss World finals, Koyal was at the top among the 120+ contestants!  She looked amazing in the finals.  She won the “Queen of Asia” title.  She also featured in our Top 7 Best Asian Beauties of 2014!

Aditi Arya on the other hand was a surprise winner of Femina Miss India 2015 pageant.  She was in Top 3 of Miss Delhi and we loved her in the swimsuit picture.  She is tall, slim and lean.  She was in Top 8 of “Miss Body Beautiful” in Miss India  She worked at Ernst & Young and was considered to be a good communicator.  Body & Personality – her two strengths helped her win.    She gave a nice answer in the final round.  We can expect her to score very high in the interview round in Miss World.  If the rumors are to be believed, there would be a Miss Resort-wear Fast-track at Miss World, and Aditi can place high in it due to her body!  Femina Miss India team prepare their girls well and Aditi seems to be a sincere and focused lady.  We expect her in Top 10 at least at Miss World 2015 in China.

Now this is a tough comparison.  When it comes facial beauty, Koyal Rana wins this.  When it comes to personality, Aditi Arya wins it.  When it comes to body, it’s a tie.  While Koyal was more about physical beauty, Aditi is more about personality and confidence.  While Koyal perhaps can not win a Q/A round, Aditi just cannot help winning it.  But Koyal is definitely prettier.  We are tired of the confusion and pick the safe verdict:STATUS QUO!


Hence overall verdict is that Femina Miss India 2015 Trio is definitely better than Femina Miss India 2014 trio!  Of course, all six ladies are beautiful and have their share of strengths.  Still, we are glad to have an excuse to give a loving pat on back of the Femina team for finding a superior set of winners!  🙂

Overall verdict: PROGRESS!