Indian Princess 2015: Parul Sharma wins Peoples’ Choice Award

Indian Princess 2015: Parul Sharma wins Peoples’ Choice Award

Swati Nanda

We have been more than overwhelmed by the response that we have got to the “TGPC Peoples’ Choice Award” for Indian Princess 2015.  In a short span, we received more than 15000 votes from people all over India, and even abroad.  The passion of the voters was also highly visible in the comments that we received, there was literally a Tug of War Situation.  The results of the poll were constantly available and as we all noticed. The game was basically between two stunners- Parul Sharma and Anoushka Kamat. Both of these girls were our Experts’ Pick for the crown. It is to be noticed that Anoushka is from Suriname, we had a lot of people voting from Suriname.  We thank each and every one of you for active participation and votes! :)

What excites us this time is that the girls shall be competing for the crown of Indian Princess 2015, tomorrow evening in Thailand. This is the first time the finale of Indian Princess, or any Indian Pageant, is held outside of India. The title of Peoples’ Choice holds importance of it’s own in a unique way. Any pageant would appreciate their contestant if she has huge fan following. It can certainly boost the confidence of the girl and that of organizers into that girl for selecting her as their brand ambassador. Irrespective of who wins Indian Princess 2015 tomorrow, here we declare the Official Results of TGPC Peoples’ Choice Award. Remember, the final winner is chosen by combining the results from Poll 1 and Poll 2 (Yes, we had 2 polls. The first one had technical issues so we released second one with better technical load capacity).

6th Runner Up: Rujuta Sanjay More

5th Runner Up: Hemani Sharma

4th Runner Up: Angel Goyal

3rd Runner Up: Sakshi Gupta

2nd Runner Up: Audrey D’Silva

1st Runner Up: Anoushka Kamat

Parul Sharma
Parul Sharma

Winner: Parul Sharma

Top 7 of Voting Poll

Indian Princess 2015
Result of Poll

Parul is tall, Parul is beautiful and can easily charm her way to the top slot of the crown. Parul’s hot favouritism also proves how nadly public want her to win the crown of Indian Princess 2015. One thing we noticed while voting was going on, we were receiving huge number of Votes from NTPC‘s Employees’ Mail box, which we believe it must be for Parul Sharma. It’s amazing to see a whole company, as big as NTPC, supporting a girl. Probably she or her relative is working there. Irrespective of the fact whether she wins Indian Princess 2015 crown  or not, she will be  celebrated as our very 2nd Winner of Peoples’ Choice Winner for Indian Princess. Soon we shall have interview with Parul, covering her journey at Indian Princess 2015. Stay Tuned..!!

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