Indian Princess 2015: First Impression Hotpicks

Indian Princess 2015: First Impression Hotpicks

The contestants of Indian Princess 2015 are getting trained in Bangkok, Thailand for the finale night of 24th May 2015. Meanwhile, we could get a chance of observing girls through various tours and activities from the Official FB Page of Indian Princess. We asked our panel of experts to give their opinion of whom they think will win Indian Princess 2015, they came up with following 13 girls who caught their attentions in the first sight. Those who follow us would remember that, our panel of experts have been very accurate in predicting the finalists  of various pageants in past. However, the following review is just on the basis of our first hand impression and may change in Final Hotpicks, after we go through more pictures and videos of the contestants. By the way, have you voted for your favourite to make her win Indian Princess 2015 Peoples’ Choice Award? Click on below Image:

Indian Princess 2015
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Experts’ Pick (In Alphabetical Order)

1) Angel Goyal

Indian Princess 2015
Angel Goyal

Her name speaks all..!!!

Her chiselled  facial features can make her a successful model. She channelises the fierceness in the pictures and that conveys a lot. Our experts have opinion that she will clinch one of the Top 3 crowns in the finale, if she plays her card well in final question answer round. Angel Goyal seems to be having a good fan following, which can be seen in our voting poll for Peoples’ Choice Award.

2) Anoushka Kamta

Indian Princess 2015
Anoushka Kamta

Anoushka is definitely one of the best girls from this lot. This stunner from Suriname is one of the top leaders of Peoples’ Choice Award voting as of now. What we liked about Anoushka the most is that she has this angelic presence that can charm anyone. Our expert thinks that she will probably end up winning the crown of Indian Princess 2015. She is one to beat for sure. Let’s see where do we put her in our final picks.

3) Audrey D’Silva

Indian Princess 2015
Audrey D’Silva

A cute, bubbly and charming girl of the pageant. Audrey is not new to pageants, she was a 2nd runner up in Miss India Worldwide last year. When pageant fans saw her making to the list of finalists, they started tagging her as the winner. It would be nice to see her representing India at international pageant. Our experts’ are yet to predict her exact placement but they see her ending up high in the pageant. Let’s see how she is ranked in the final hotpicks.

4) Bhavna Makhija

Indian Princess 2015
Bhavna Makhija

Another girl with extremely modelesque features. At the moment, we don’t see her winning the Top 3 title, but we feel if Bhavna is handpicks by IP to compete for an International pageant, she would be perfect for ‘Top Model of the World 2015’. She will be a good addition to the Top 10/7 finalists on finale.

5) Neha Vishvakarma

Indian Princess 2015
Neha Vishvakarma

One tall stunner of the pageant. Neha Vishwakarma became an instant favourite of the pageant fans the moment they saw her for IP auditions. Our experts believe that Neha would certainly endup in Top 7 and may be further if she channelises her energy well on the ramp.

6) Parul Sharma

Indian Princess 2015
Parul Sharma

Parul is a girl that our panel  thinks that she needs a bit of a training to be pageant ready for international contest. However, she has got basic need which is required for the pageant and that is ‘Beauty’. Parul would fit the bill of Miss Tourism International 2015 as she has this delicate youthful look. We are not 100% sure whether she will do well in the finale but she will be a pleasant surprise if we see her in Top 10. She is also one of the Top leaders of Peoples’ Choice Voting poll.

7) Priyanka Gussain

Indian Princess 2015
Priyanka Gussain

What a sophisticated looks she has got..!!! Priyanka is definitely our bet for Top 5 spot of the finale. May be she will end up being one of the Top 3 as well. In our opinion, she is our 2nd pick for the crown of Indian Princess 2015. She can probably even win an international title right away if trained properly. We are definitely going to keep our eye on her till the final hotpick and will see how we can rate her chances.

7) Rashi Yadav

Indian Princess 2015
Rashi Yadav

Rashi reminds me of a combination of two past Miss India contestants, Harshita Saxena and Ishita Singh. She has this X-factor that instantly grabbed our attention in the lot of Indian Princess 2015 girls. We feel that she will be one of the top 10 finalists.

8) Simran Mahendrawal

Indian Princess 2015
Simran Mahendrawal

Simran was previously seen in her stint at Miss Indian Delhi 2015 and at a reality show Splitsvilla 7 season. Previous Splitsvilla girl, Roopa Khurana was one of the Top 7 girls at IP 2013. What we liked the most about Simran was her personality, she has this presence that sparks ignition in the room. A girl to watch out.

10) Shaista Thakoersingh

Indian Princess 2015
Shaista Thakoersingh

We again would like to say what we said earlier,

“Either all the girls in Netherland are too beautiful…

 or Miss India Holland’s team has got an eye to pick the real diamond out of bunch.

Shaista is a perfect successor of Nadine Makhanlal. Remember, Nadine was the winner of last year’s Indian Princess International contest. However, this year the said contest got merged with Indian Princess, so Shaista is competing in IP 2015. Although we doubt she would win a back to back, but we won’t even be surprised if she actually win the crown. She has everything that a beauty queen needs, Beauty, Brain, Personality and X-Factor.

11) Snehapriya Roy

Indian Princess 2015
Snehapriya Roy

Snehapriya Roy is a tall stunner who can grab your attention at any time. Our expert thinks that Snehapriya is extremely polished gem for Indian Princess 2015. Beautiful face, elegance and poise is what defines Snehapriya Roy. Definitely a finalists in the finale.

12) Sukanya Bhattacharya

Indian Princess 2015
Sukanya Bhattacharya

Another stunner from the bag for Femina Miss India. Sukanya also became an instant favourite once her name got surfaced up on internet for the finalist. Sukanya has killer body and extremely polished ramp walk. Be ready to see this girl kill the stage. The lowest she could finish is Top 7. Let’s see if she moves higher in our list.

13) Stefy Patel

Indian Princess 2015
Stefy Patel

Stefy Patel is one girl who commands your attention not because she is a stunner but because she is extremely simple looking. Stefy has this youthful charm that girls in their 18 has, oh wait…Stefy is almost 18…. 😉 . Stefy is a live wire who will definitely charm the judges through her bubbly personality. We need to see more of her to decide whether she has a shot at the crown in the finale.

Do let us know if you agree with our thoughts in the comment box below? Don’t worry  your Top choice was not a part of our list. She might be in our final hotpicks, if she performs well. Meanwhile you can check out FB PAGE for instant updates.

Disclaimer: The above picks are purely based on our Experts’ Choices and don’t reflect the actual results of the finale.