Miss Zimbabwe Pageant & Controversies!

Miss Zimbabwe Emily Kachote
Miss Zimbabwe 2015 Emily Kachote

Emily Kachote won Miss Zimbabwe pageant few days ago, but her victory may be short-lived.  Soon after her victory, her nude pictures were leaked on the social media and Miss Zimbabwe Trust has announced that they will dethrone her once it is confirmed that the girl in the pictures is her.

Contestants are supposed to maintain a high standard of moral behavior and were told in auditions not to try if they had posed nude.  Kachote has said that the pictures were taken long ago.  It was on a date with a man.  She had some drinks and had no control over what happened.  Feminist groups have come in support of Emily saying that she should not be punished for the wrong action taken by the man.

Controversies in Miss Zimbabwe 2014

Miss Zimbabwe
Original Miss Zimbabwe 2014 Thabiso Phiri (PC: http://www.southerneye.co.zw/)

Controversies are not new to Miss Zimbabwe pageant.  Winner of Miss Zimbabwe 2014 Thabiso Phiri was dethroned and no reasons were stated for the same.  Many people believe that her boyfriend had leaked nude pictures and that is why Thabiso was fired.  However, this has not been confirmed and Thabiso took a public vow to never reveal the truth to anyone.

The next shocker was refusal by the runner-ups to take the title of Miss Zimbabwe.  They said they were content with what they got.

There was a re-run of the pageant and Catherine Makaya was crowned as winner inspite of giving weak answers.  Many claimed the pageant was fixed for her.

Miss Zimbabwe
Second Miss Zimbabwe 2014 Catherine Makaya (PC: http://www.chronicle.co.zw)

The new Zimbabwe Catherina Makaya gave up the title in just 3 months, a week before the Miss World pageant.  She had a fall-out with Miss Zimbabwe national director Marry Chiwenga.  The Miss Zimbabwe trust called her “diffecult to work with” and the original 1st Princess Tendai Hunda was chosen as the representative for Miss World.  Tendai could not achieve much at Miss World, because she got just five days to prepare!  She was a Top 20 finalist in Top Model event, but could not place in finals.

Miss Zimbabwe
Tendai Hunda – Miss Zimbabwe at Miss World 2014 (PC: nehandaradio.com)

Again the Miss Zimbabwe Trust is under fire for immediately announcing that they will dethrone Emily if the pictures were found real.  Local feminist groups have came up saying that they will ensure Emily stays as the winner because “there is nothing wrong in being adventurous in your own private intimate moments”.

We decided to ask our followers whether a “Miss” should be dethroned for nude pictures from past.  As expected, we received a highly mixed reaction.  While majority said that the winner should not be dethroned for nude pictures because “past is past”, few said girls with trashy or pornographic nudes should be dethroned.

Our Readers Speak about the matter

Here are some of the responses from our members to our query, “So do you guys think a Miss should be dethroned if some nude pictures from past surface on the internet?” on our highly popular Facebook Group.

Harishh Sugandh: Hell no, past is past my friend, sunny leone is living example. What you do in present matters, everyone has some bad past but past should be kept in past only.

Shweta Kathuria:  If its related to pornography then a big no. Coz beauty queens are the role models for girls. Also if they did it for the purpore of getting famous. But yes you never know the circumstances that made them to choose that way. If the reason is acceptable enough or its aesthetical then definitely a chance should be given.

Kartik Behl: I would put my foot down too.. u never know wat were a said persons circumstances when dey went for a particular shoot.. ur present is a gift to u.. so u should live for d present. .past has gone by.. so we shud let it go..

Shobin Krishna: Not at all..To destroy someone’s future by dragging his/her past is a big injustice.

Roopesh Dsouza: Depends on the pics if it is done artistically then no if its thrashy then yes.

Juan Spain: Its like a poor girl got raped in need of money can’t become a nun to devote herself in the service to God. No Its not the same. A girl with nude pics in past should be allowed to be “Miss” if n only if she satisfies the motto of being a Miss i.e. She should be Internally Beautiful, Beautiful at Heart n Soul.

Daniel Alvarez: It depends on the organization who crowned that woman. If they have a rule that forbids or condemns nudity, then I guess they have the right to dethrone her. Beauty Queens should serve as role model for young women with the highest ethical standard possible. 

Smit Nikam: If pornography, yes. If artistic, no.

Shashank Nair: Absolutely not….

Libenthung Yanthan: A big No!!! i don’t see any wrong in nude pictures!! And that too in past…To add, there are so many beauty queen who pose naked for a so called “Cause”.. So no need to dethrone a beauty queen based on what she does in past … Today and Tomorrow matters, not the past.

Our view: Such situations should be avoided at the first place!  The organizations who do not want winners with “nude pictures” should have clauses at the beginning where girls have to declare about any such cases.  If at all, the winner still ends up being one with history of nude pictures, the organization should try it’s best to give benefit of doubt to the lady and let her complete her reign with grace.