Miss USA 2015: First Hotpicks by TGPC Experts

Miss USA 2015: First Hot-picks!

miss usa 2015
Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez was Miss Universe 2014 1st Runner-up (PC: reviewjournal.com)

Miss USA 2015 is easily one most competitive national pageants of this year.  The only other national pageant that comes close is perhaps Binibining Pilipinas!; and Miss Venezuela for 3rd spot.  The Miss USA pageant generally has a very competitive batch.  The format is same as Miss Universe.  Since it is a national pageant, the choices are less political and the overall placements are more digestible.  The show is glamorous and fun to watch.  The swimsuit and the evening gown competitions are lauded by the crowds and the questions in the last round are intelligent.  Since the format of the state pageants are also in line, the girls are always lot more prepared than the contestants in most other national pageants.  Overall, the show is full on entertainment.

Miss USA 2015
Miss Oklahoma USA 2015 Olivia Jordan represented the US at Miss World 2013 (PC: Miss World site)

Last year Nia Sanchez was close to winning.  She was easily one of the really strongest Miss USA winners.  Last time Miss USA won Miss Universe was in 2012.  Now in 1995 when Chelsea Smith did it, the feat was repeated by Brook Lee in 1997.  Hence some people were expecting Nia to win Miss Universe.  It din’t happen.  May be the chain will continue with just one added year?  Lol, too much of specalution – but the point is that USA will always be a strong sash at Miss Universe and hence the girl from this country can never be taken lightly.  Of course, it’s not even possible in 2015 because all the girls are so good!  The contestants are very strong this year and this makes the job of the experts more difficult. After going through multiple pictures, videos and written interviews of the girls, we have came up with a list of beauties who can really rock Miss USA this year.

Top 5

1st: Olivia Jordan (Miss Oklahoma USA 2015) – Olivia was the 1st Runner-up at Top Model contest in Miss World 2013 and also a Top 20 finalist.  Her experience in the glamor world is very rich and can easily get her the crown of Miss USA 2015.

2nd: Talyah Polee (Miss Colorado USA 2015) – Talyah is a stunning black beauty and can bring the first Miss USA crown to her state.  She has been an athlete and once raised $ 80K in 11 days for a children’s hospital.

3rd: Ashleigh Lollie (Miss Florida USA 2015) – Ashleigh has been born and brought in a very small town of Florida.  Her’s is one of the best faces of the competition this year. However we need to see more to analyse her personality and decide finally if she can really grab the crown of Miss USA 2015.

4th: Ylianna Guerra (Miss Texas USA 2015) – Ylianna represents the most successful state at Miss USA.  With her strong beauty, Ylianna has all that it takes to be the 10th Miss USA from the state.

5th: Laura Puleo (Miss Virginia USA 2015) – Virginia has won Miss USA title twice but not in the past 3-4 decades.  Laura has the beauty and the confidence to bring back glory to the state.

Top 10

6th: Thatiana Diaz (Miss New York USA 2015) – Thatiana was born to Dominican parents and has reportedly given a shot at Miss Dominican Republic too.  She is one of the popular and talked-about girls participating this year. We feel she is strong enough to penetrate the Top 10 slots of Miss USA 2015 finale.

7th: Heather Elwell (Miss Maine USA 2015) – Heather is a musician and can play many different instruments.  She has played music in many different parts of the world. Her eyes are more than enough to charm audience.

8th: Brooke Fletcher (Miss Georgia USA 2015) – Brooke is one of the most beautiful faces of the contest.  Former president George W. Bush named his dog after Brooke’s dad!

9th: Katie George (Miss Kentucky USA 2015) – Katie is born to a Lebanese family but her looks are very much American. She loves stand-up comedy! Rima Fakih, another Lebanese, won Miss USA 2010, will this Lebanese lass win Miss USA 2015 crown?

10th: Brittany McGowan (Miss Nevada USA 2015) – Brittany begun her modelling career at 16.  Guys think twice before approaching her, because she has adopted a tiger!

Top 15

11th: Maureen Montagne (Miss Arizona USA 2015) – Maureen’s mother is from the Philippines & her father is French.  Being of pinoy heritage will definitely give her some extra lime-light during the pageant. And if she wins Miss USA 2015, and represent USA at Miss Universe 2015, the Philippines crowd would be in dilemma as to whom to support for sure..!!! #JustKidding.

12th: Nicol Powell (Miss Utah USA 2015) – Nicol is the sister of the stunning Marissa Powell who was in the Top 5 of Miss USA 2013.  Let us hope Nicol surpasses her sister!

13th: Lizzy Olsen (Miss District of Columbia USA 2015) – Lizzy has spent a lot of her life in Nevada.  In fact she has been to most of the states of the country and 10 other countries.  She has also studied in China!

14th: Anae Garcia (Miss Rhode Island USA 2015) – Anae has Dominican roots.  She is very tall and has an amazing body.

15th: Emma Wo (Miss Hawaii USA 2015) – Emma has studied in Oxford, London and owns a popular fashion blog!  Let’s see what she wears in the pageant!

May the best girl win! 😀

Image Credits: Miss Universe official site