Best African Beauties 2014

Best African Beauties 2014

Best African Beauties 2014

Beauties of Africa

Recently we released ‘Best Asian Beauties 2014’ under the Umbrella of ‘Best Beauties of 2014’. The 2nd Continent in the instalment is Africa. Talking about Africa in Beauty Pageant, the continent has often been ignored in recent decades. Few cried foul, few cried racism where as few claimed that they are not prepared but one thing everyone might agree than they always served the platter with uniqueness they brought in with the rich heritage the belonged to. Let’s have a look at Top 7 Beauties from Africa who made a great mark in pageant by their presence, and not just placement.

6th Runner Up: Miss Ethopia Grand International, Hiwot Mamo.

Best African Beauties 2014

Hiwot Mamo

Hiwot Mamo competed at Miss Grand International 2014. She was one of the instant favourites at the pageant and definitely one of the best from Africa. In finale, she stood out through her performance and managed to place as 1st runner up at the pageant. Many believed that she should have won but Cuba was unstoppable as well. However, at Miss Universe 2014, her form was not in full swing and lost the battle ground at preliminary, Pity.!! We wish she had the same amount of energy that she showed at MGI, she could have place then. Nevertheless, she is one of the best faces of Africa this year and it would be great to see her at Miss World some day.

5th Runner Up:  Miss Kenya World, Idah Nguma

Best African Beauties 2014

Idah Nguma

Idah might not be the most beautiful face out there, but she had this unique quality that made her standout at Miss World pageant and got her placed in Top 10. Idah had great Beauty with Purpose project which was one of the Top 5 wining ptojects at Miss World 2014. She was also one of the Top 5 girls who got shortlisted in Beach Beauty and had one of the great personalities. On contrary to the popular belief of ‘One Black candidate is must in Top 5 of Miss World’ she failed to place in that one spot and was left out of top 5. She made Kenya stand out in the bevy of tonnes of beauties and hence made it to our list at 6th Position for Best African Beauties 2014.

4th Runner Up: Miss Namibia World, Brumhilda Ochs

Best African Beauties 2014

Brumhilda Ochs

Brumhilda got extremely less than what she deserved at Miss World 2014. From whatever we could see of hers, at Top Model or in video interview or in finale in Roomie talk videos, she was extremely engaging. She was one fo the best faces and best speaker there. We fail to understand how could she place so low that she entirely missed the Top 25 cut. However, we are fan of her beauty and we are sure she could have done very well at Miss Universe.

3rd Runner Up: Miss South Sudan World, Awien Kuanyin-Agoth

Best African Beauties 2014

Awien Kuanyin-Agoth

Many believed that she would surpass the achievement of Atong De Mach but she failed to make it to Top 10. But she could closely replicate the interview top score of Atong where Awien stood 2nd to Miss France. This shows how great personality Awien carried along. She also had one of the best bodies and also was a part of Top 20 Top Model finalists. Somehow we felt that she was overlooked, she could have been an awesome addition to the Top 5 of Miss World 2015. We are glad we could place her at 4th position on Best African Beauties 2014.

2nd Runner Up: Miss South Africa Universe, Ziphozakhe Zokufa

Best African Beauties 2014

Ziphozakhe Zokufa

Ziphozake was such a wonderful lady that it was extremely shocking not seeing her in Top 15 of Miss Universe 2014. Many claimed that she must have missed the cut because of Rolene Strauss, the actual winner of Miss South Africa 2014, won the Miss World 2014 crown 2 months back. Ziphozakhe is a lady which Julia would have appreciated like anything. She had this extremely live personality and that attention commanding attitude that can never be overlooked. She had nice body and good facial features to stand out on its own. We loved her presence at Miss Universe. Only if she was in the finale……

1st Runner Up: Miss Gabon Supranational, Maggaly Nguema

Best African Beauties 2014

Maggaly Nguema

Maggaly is another lost stunner like Hiwot Mama. She was extremely good when she competed at Miss Supranational 2014 where she stood 2nd runner up but the energy went down when she arrived at Miss Universe 2015 pageant. She was one of our Top 7 Most Beautiful Faces at Miss Universe 2015 which speaks alot. She had this face and body but her energy and personality seemed lacking at Miss Universe. However, we felt it might be because of lot of stress or may be no interest? Who cares? Maggaly is one of the rarest gem that Gabon has ever sent and we feel that she deserved the 2nd spot on our list. We are not sure whether we shall see such stunner from Gabon in soon future?

Winner: Miss South Africa World, Rolene Strauss

Best African Beauties 2014

Rolene Strauss

You must be thinking that this was not even a surprise and we completely agree. When was the last time you got a PERFECT (in Capitals) grand slam winner ever? I recall it was may be Dayana Mendoza for few people and for few it was Lara Dutta or Aishwariya Rai. Rolene is one of the rarest gems that you find once in a while. We can’t stop loving this girl, not because she is one of the most beautiful faces but the dedication of this girl is extremely genuine. She is warm, she is charming and she can never go unnoticed for sure. She was not only our Top Bet for Miss South Africa 2014 but also our Top Bet for Miss World 2014. Also she was recently declared as the Best Miss World of Past Decade by our team of Experts at TGPC. Many are already claiming her to be the Best Miss World ever along with Aishwarya Rai and we agree with that too. A simple smile of this girl can brighten up the day. Julia Morley is lucky to have a future legend as her ambassador. We are sure this girl got a great life ahead. She unanimously tops our list of Best African Beauties 2014.