Deeksha Kaushal- Miss Diva 2015?

Can Deeksha Kaushal bring 3rd crown of Miss Universe to India?

Deeksha Kaushal
Deeksha Kaushal

All those people who went through the torture of watching the finale of Femina Miss India 2015 cried a foul over the exclusion of Deeksha Kaushal, a mega favourite to win the crown of Miss India 2015, from Top 3 titles. Deeksha blew the public away with her outstanding presence in the finale. It was like she was all over the place on the stage. When all of us were expecting her to be the new Miss India World, she was completely left out of top 3, which was not digestible. She could have been the perfect successor of Rolene Strauss in terms of beauty and personality (Little polishing though). However, if we look at the positive sides of the finale result, I feel it was wise of Femina not to crown her Miss India World because she is a kind of girl that Miss Universe would have appreciated more than Miss World would do. I really wish that Deeksha Kaushal joins Miss Diva 2015, am sure everyone would be supporting her for the crown there, and get India it’s long due Miss Universe crown. I would like to present my case of analysis on Deeksha Kaushal as to why I think she would be a shoo in for the crown of Miss Universe 2015.


1) Facial beauty: No doubt that Deeksha Kaushal is one of the most beautiful faces ever to grace the stage of Miss India. Her title of Timeless beauty is another proof that even Femina Miss India  org felt that she was extremely beautiful. She is one such beauty that would never go unnoticed on the stage of Miss Universe (or any pageant). The loud support she was getting was mainly because of her facial beauty because that’s what everyone noticed first on to her.


2) Personality: Deeksha Kaushal may not have a personality of Rolene Strauss or Migbellis Castalano or Dayana Mendoza but she had better personality than Paulina Vega for sure. We feel she could really develop herself on personality front with proper grooming by Miss India team. However, even if we consider her personality today, she is extremely fit to compete in the pageant. She will definitely stand out in the crowd on her own merit.

 3) Communication: Her answers were edited and not shown completely. But from whatever we could see, this girl is quite capable of kicking off a good communication. In her other videos interviews, I could see that she doesn’t get nervous while speaking, which is a positive point and looks extremely sweet while she talks. I think with proper exposure before Miss Universe 2015, she would be able to over come her minor flaws and will be a bang on.

 4) X-Factor: Very rare incidences are there when I feel Miss India are like Miss Venezuela. The last time I felt was for Rochelle Maria Rao who represented India at Miss International 2012. I feel Deeksha stands out like no one else. As I already mentioned, her presence can’t be ignored at all. Her towering height and that 100 watt smiling face sets her apart from the bunch of other contestants. There was a reason why people were madly rooting for her after they saw her pic from finale.

 5) Body: Deeksha Kaushal has quite workable body frame. She is not the most toned girl as of now, but can definitely penetrate in Top 15 with whatever body she has today. If she works out for the next 6 months, she will be a bang on. Those long legs are added advantages she has.

 6) Fan Following: Ok, this is not the main reason for which I would judge a girl for a placement but one can never ignore the importance of fan support. If you analyse the past winners and top placers, all of them had a huge crowd supports in the finale. Deeksha Kaushal is already liked by people across the world and would be an instant front runner for the crown of Miss Universe 2015, should she win the crown of Miss Diva 2015.

All those who are reading this post, I request you to kindly support Deeksha Kaushal and let’s request her to participate in Miss Diva 2015. Post a comment #Deeksha4MissDiva in the facebook comment box below. If we cross 200 comments, we shall forward this post to Miss Diva org and Deeksha Kaushal to show how eagerly people wants to see Deeksha Kaushal as their new Miss Universe India. Remember, your one comment may create a difference.