Miss Universe 2014 Girls Who Can Rock Miss World [Analysis]

Miss Universe 2014 Beauties Who MUST Return To Miss World In Future!



Miss Universe 2014 saw participation of some really gorgeous women! The good thing is that the pageant has evening gown and swimsuit competitions, which allow the girls to flaunt their beauties on the stage for the world to savor! Generally, the Miss Universe pageant is mainly focused on physical beauty and stage skills; however, every year there are some girls who exhibit the X-factor in terms of their personalities and hence emerge out as “more interesting”, even though they don’t place very high. This year too there were some beauties who really won hearts, but not the crown.

Among the Miss Universe beauties of 2014, the following six are the ones we would like to see at a future Miss World pageant.

Miss Argentina Valentina Ferrerr (Miss Universe 2014, Top 10)

miss universe 2014 contestant

Valentina did extremely well at Miss Universe. She nailed the Fadil shots, stood out in the swimsuit competitions with her lean body and looked amazing in the evening gown competitions. In fact her finale gown was amazing. However, the best thing about Valentina is her focused & intelligent personality. In her video interview, she spoke about how she helps people feel better about themselves by teaching them to exercise properly and also how her family would manage to be happy even in tight circumstances by finding fun no matter what. Such sincere beauties are highly appreciated at Miss World. She can do well in interview and Top Model rounds. She can be a Top 5 at Miss World!

Miss Costa Rica Karina Ramos (Miss Universe 2014, Unplaced)

miss universe 2014 contestant

Karina is a businesswoman who runs her own modelling company. She is confident and well-spoken. Her face is beautiful and she is amazing on the stage. Her body is great too. She can win Top Model and do very well in interviews. She can be Top 10 or perhaps even Top 5 at Miss World. Would love to see her back!

Miss Lithuania Patricija Belousova (Miss Universe 2014, Unplaced)

miss universe 2014 contestant

Patricija is stunning. Her eyes are “out of this world” beautiful. She looks flawless – as if she has walked out from some Disney book, as if a Barbie has suddenly became human. Plus she is a wonderful and accomplished dancer, whose skill has been often appreciated in international dance competitions. She can crack the Top 5 at Talent contest and perhaps even win it. She moves well on stage and can do well in Top Model. Her demure personality can help her place in the Top 25 or even Top 10. In fact, a little birdie told us that she might actually represent her country at the upcoming Miss World pageant! Oh, did she read this article in advance?!?

Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell (Miss Universe 2014 4th Runner-up)

miss universe 2014 contestant

I think Kaci is a complete package. She has a stunning body, magnificent presence, immaculate beauty and a very amazing personality. She has the spunk and the attitude which can help her perhaps top the interview round of Miss World. She can even win the Top Model contest. If the Beach Fashion round was to happen (which won’t as Ms. Julia Morley claimed), she would have won that too! I think she can easily made it to the Top 3. Perhaps she is a bit too unconventional looking for the main title though.

Miss Netherlands Yasmin Verheijen (Miss Universe 2014 3rd Runner-up)

miss universe 2014 contestant

I would like to see her back in Miss World simply for one reason – she is downright stunning. She is a natural beauty with exotic features. She makes my heart sing with the smiles that her eyes convey through the glim!  SUNNY LEONE!  Yes, she looks like Sunny! I want to see more and more of her – that’s why I want her to come back at Miss World! She is actively involved in social work in her country, as she claimed during her Miss Universe stint. That can definitely help her at Miss World. I am really not sure if she can place beyond Top 25 or Top 10, but I would still want to see her back. She is too awesome to be seen just once!

Miss Indonesia Elvira Devinamira (Miss Universe 2014, Top 15)

miss universe 2014 contestant

Elvira is a sincere girl who did exceptionally well in presentation show and even finals. Her gown was a stand-out. She came across as a focused beauty. She can definitely place at Miss World and can be perhaps Top 10 with proper preparation.

Do you agree with us? Please let us know your opinions!

Picture Credits: Youtube.com (screenshots), MissUniverse.com, pages of the girls on Facebook