Comparison: Paulina Vega v/s Miss World 2014 beauties!


Comparisons and discussions on Miss World vs Miss Universe!  If you have been on pageant forums for some time, you would know how frequently these happen.  Sometimes people question such discussions saying they are necessary.  And sometimes they ARE unnecessary.  But a lot of time, these are quite fun!  It is fun to ponder over things you are interested in!  So when one of my pageant friends asked me a question about Paulina Vega – the reigning Miss Universe from Colombia, my mind started working.  To be precise, his question was –

People on internet forums are not much happy with Paulina Vega as Miss Universe.  If she had competed in Miss World 2014, how far would she have gone?  Do you think she is better than the reigning Miss World or her runner-ups?

Now one thing is for sure – this won’t happen ever.  But my mind and perhaps yours too started to work.  I decided to pen my thoughts down.

Now some ground rules before the train of thoughts leaves the platform – there is no Beauty with purpose in Miss Universe and both pageants – MU & MW are quite different.  So we are really making some general comparison only.  Don’t take out your swords if you don’t agree with the analysis – this is pretty much JUST FOR FUN!

My first point is that Paulina would have FOR SURE made the Top 10 cut.  Supporting thoughts:


  • The girl has a rocking body – lean, tall & what an amazing back! She looks smoking hot in the swimsuit.  She would have cracked Top 5 in the Beach Fashion contest of Miss World – she could have won the contest too.  In fact, in Miss Universe, she was arguably the best in swimsuit in presentation show as well as finals.
  • The girl has good ramp skills and stage presence. She would have done well in Top model too.  Top 20 for sure!
  • The girl was highly prepared when she competed in Miss Universe. For sure, she would have left no stone or pebble unturned before going to London for Miss World.

Now next question is – Would she have cracked the Top 5?

So I decided to compare her with the Miss World 2014 Top 5 girls one by one.

Edina, Rolene & Elizabeth – Miss World 2014 Top 3

 Paulina v/s Rolene (Miss World 2014 from South Africa)

No need of discussion.  Rolene Strauss wins it hands down.  Paulina cannot place above Rolene.  The latter is too charming & gorgeous!  Plus Rolene is way more eloquent than Paulina.

Paulina v/s Edina (1st Runner-up, Miss Hungary)

Alright, Edina is tall, lean and has a great back like Paulina.  She finished second in sports, Top 5 in Top model & third in interview.  I am pretty sure she is better than Paulina and thus would have placed above Paulina (in a fair world).  Edina’s beautiful face, youthful beauty and exuberant charm are any day more powerful.

Paulina v/s Elizabeth Safrit (2nd Runner-up, Miss USA)

Alright, now this is a tough one.   Elizabeth is pretty – great eyes.  She looked lovely in the MacDuggal dress in Miss World finals.  But Paulina may perhaps score above her in swimsuit round.  So here we conclude status-quo.

Paulina v/s Courtney Thorpe (Finalist, Miss Australia)

Miss Australia – finalist at Miss World 2014


This one is easy for me.  Courtney has a beautiful face, good body and amazing personality.  I would personally prefer her above Paulina.  But that’s just me!  I am not sure if majority people would agree with me on this one.

So, to conclude, if Paulina Vega is compared with Miss World 2014 beauties, she could be perhaps 3rd or 4th.  But for sure, at least in my humble and unbiased (my passport doesn’t read South Africa or Hungary anywhere) opinion, Rolene Strauss & Edina  kulcsár are better than her!

Well, this is just an opinion. 😉  What do you think about this?  Agree?

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