Best Miss World of past 10 years(2005-2014)

Best Miss World of Past 10 Years (2005-2014)

-Post by Pageant Expert, Vagisha Mishra and TGPC’s Admins


Being a Miss World is not merely about being a beauty queen. Miss World is an emblem of hope, compassion and good will. It is the crown which sits on the most laudable head. When you see the cluster of diamonds, it is hard for you to opt for one. Nevertheless, some diamonds have a shine which never fades with time. This decade has seen wonderful Miss Worlds but some of these exquisite ladies have accomplished this vocation remarkably. We have come up with five most astonishing Miss World of this decade (2005-2014), who have not only created awe through their beauty but also through their wits and deeds.

5th Place: Tatana Kucharova, Miss World 2006, Czech Republic-

Tatana Kucharova

Tatana is an emerald earned by Miss World Organisation. She is the first woman from Czech Republic to win the Miss World title. On one hand she possess the fashioniesta glance which every young girl will look up to in order to emerge beautiful but at the same time she has a keen intellect which will make you heed her gravely. In the final round of Question and Answer, Tatana told the judges that she wants to attend university and then become a model, which she hopes will enable her to travel. During her reign, Tatana proved that she said this not in order to win the title but meant this with utmost sincerity. She travelled around more than ten countries in her reign. In December 2006 she appeared in a fashion video, directed and produced by Alexander Schukoff in Vienna for Fashion TV. In March 2013, Tatana was selected as Wynle Global Women Leader and member of WNYLE Council of Prominent Women Leaders.  She finished in second place in the Czech version of Dancing with the Stars in 2013.  Tatana is definitely a star, an amalgamation of talent, beauty, philanthropy and intellect. To have witnessed a Miss World like her is a treat to eyes and heart.

4th Place: Ivian Sarcos, Miss Word 2011, Venezuela-


Being an orphan at the age of 8, as her parents died, Ivian was raised by the nuns in a convent . She had intended to become a nun, but she found a new passion in the world of fashion and started her career as a model. Though beauty of Venezuelan beauty queens is universally acknowledged, there is an unusual natural awe in Ivian’s persona.  In a press conference after her victory, she said: “This has taught me that life, although it may be bad, doesn’t have to end badly. Although I no longer have my parents, it has taught me to be stronger. I want to carry on doing the wonderful work that ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ and the Miss World organization does and to help people in need, I want to help people like me.” In only nine months of her reign, Ivian travelled to more than 12 countries, participating actively in BWAP Events. What makes Ivian a stand out is her crystal clear naïve heart. With very humble and down to earth personality, she makes people feel that she belongs to them no matter which country they come from. Having such a pure and divine heart is a boon in today’s world.

3rd Place: Megan Young, Miss World 2013, Philippines


Megan Young, the first Filipina Miss World taught the girls to dream big and turn it into reality. What makes Megan a wonderful Miss World is her readiness to help others and feel compassionate to everyone she comes across. In her last interview as Miss World, Megan burst into tears feeling poignant for the subjugated kids. Other than her emotional side, Megan is extremely effervescent and lively. She warmly smiles at everyone she comes across and has keen interest in video games. During her reign she travelled more than 15 countries. This bubbly and grave amalgamation of her personality and the dedication in leaving a righteous legacy behind, is something which makes Megan a twinkling star.

2nd Place: Ksenia Sukhinova, Miss World 2008

miss world 2008 - Kseniya SUKHINOVA

Ksenia has a face of goddess, the only Miss World that people think could come closest to Aishawariya Rai’s beauty till 2013. Ksenia won in one of the strongest years, where she battled out the competitors like Miss India, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Venezuela who were major favourite as well. Many believed that Ksenia was little weaker on communication fronts, but her face itself was enough to land her as the winner. Ksenia had one of the greatest reigns. Ksenia’s sweet personality and demure looking face make a combo that is very rare to find in a delegate. We personally believe that she can pass off as one of the best ever Angels of VS.

1st Place: Rolene Strauss, Miss World 2014, South Africa

Rolene Strauss

And this stunner certainly had no competition.. <3 !!!

In the year 2000, at 8 years of age, Rolene Strauss witnessed the crowning of Jo-Ann Strauss as Miss South Africa. She dreamed of winning the title herself, and she did so in March 2014. When she turned 15, she competed in and won the national selection for the Elite Model Look International. She is the youngest winner nationally and beat 11 other contestants vying for the same title. Strauss placed in the top 15 in the Elite Model Look International. Rolene once said in one of her interviews that despite of being in Top 5 in Miss South Africa 2011, and not winning the title, she was quite happy as she believed that she wasn’t the best to be Miss South Africa at an international platform, and Melinda Bam was the perfect choice by the organization who proved it right by placing Top 10 at Miss Universe 2012. She further added, one thing which she liked most about being Miss World is not just the title, but the fact that the entire world looks up to her and links South Africa with the new Miss World. Also, she is passionate to wear apparels designed by South African designers who can reflect the “Proudly South African” spirit throughout the globe as Rolene desires. What is most appealing about this interview is that she has a spirit to do something for her country and spread her culture worldwide, which she is eventually successful in accomplishing. Though her reign is still ongoing, her dedication towards philanthropic activities through her medical studies and patriotic fervor is something which makes her a standout. Beauty within reflects on her face commendably and she is considered one of the most beautiful Miss World till date.