Interview Round: Pageant Question 9

Hello fellas,

Here we are to reveal the results of 9th question of  Interview Round: Pageant Series Question.  The question this time was very difficult compared to normal pageant standards. However, one needs to be ever ready to answer such questions, you never know..!!! Let’s see who made it to the Top 5 list.


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Pageant Question: Q9

“If beauty is skin deep, how deep is intelligence??”

Winner: Shashank Nair

Answer:  If beauty is skin deep then your intelligence is soul deep. Your mind speaks what your heart feels and your actions are a reflection of that. In the world which is torn by differences all we need is a heart full of love and a mind full of positivity.

Comments by Admin:  Shashank’s answer is what we have been asking since last 2 weeks- Short and perfect to the point. Precise and Clear. What we loved about his answer is the way he has hit the bull’s eye by quoting ‘Intelligence is Soul Deep’. The answer’s starting itself  leaves a long lasting impression. Shashank’s answer was also the most liked answer by fellow contestants.

1st Runner Up: Aman Singh

Answer: Parameters to determine beauty can be different for different beings where as intelligence is a blessing universally craved for and guides us from the smallest decisions to the greatest choices of our life. The fact that intelligence help you to be a leader, who can make world a better place gives intelligence the depth of nadir which eventually guides our action to the height of zenith.

Comments by Admin:  To us, Aman’s answer was on neck to neck competition with Shashank’s answer, but was 1st runner up with slight gap. Aman’s thought process shows depth where he connects geometry with philosophy, Bravo. Also we appreciate the fact how pointed out that Intelligence is less subjective compared to beauty which changes with changing perception of different individuals.

Other entries for the Contest on Facebook Group
Other entries for the Contest on Facebook Group

2nd Runner-up: Vagisha Mishra

Answer:  Talking about beauty as skin deep, is a parameter which we as society has set up. Beauty is more than what reflects in face and body. It shines through the actions and thoughts. While intelligence is yet another form of beauty which makes the beauty of the thoughts turn into reality and guides the soul when circumstances go adverse. Intellect enhances the beauty hidden in personality..

Comments by Admin: Another excellent answer from Vagisha. We may sound repetitive but Vagisha literally play with words. Vagisha has put Beauty and Intelligence both into positive light, which other answers haven’t done. It gave an equal platform to both the aspects which we really appreciate.

Completing the Top 5:

Simeon Singsit:

Intelligence is what makes a person beautiful. Intelligence is being smart and able to see the inner beauty of a person. When your intelligent you’re able to think, decide and act reasonably and/ logically in any other forms. Intelligence is like an icing on the cake. It let a person shines from within that reflects on her face and Glows and Radiates through her personality.

Monica Aggarawal:

A person can be beautiful inside and out. Their personality can shine through and be just as beautiful as your outside looks. It also means that inside of every beautiful person is something better that should be noticed more than their looks. Looks are good but personality is better.Congratulations to all the winners..!!!

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