Interview Round: Pageant Question 6

Today, we shall be revealing the results of 6th question of  Interview Round: Pageant Series Question. This time we tried to be little creative by asking an abstract question which definitely gathered one of the best responses ever. So many to pick from, so less to pick for.. 🙁 Anyways, here we present you the top 3 for this round.


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Pageant Question: Q6

Small is Beautiful!

Do you agree? Why or why not?

Winner: Ankit Bhatt

Answer: The precision in sculptures, the colors in glass art work, the smooth finesse in our clothes, the baby in mother’s womb, the lotus in a lake, the dolphin in ocean, the eagle in the sky, the sparkle in our eyes and many such things are beautified because of the perfection in small things they are attached with. But wait, this doesn’t conclude small is beautiful. Let me give you a better idea on what I’m saying. Think of this galaxy and now think of this earth.. Isn’t earth beautiful! Now think of this universe and then think of yourself. You know now, SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL!

Comments by Admin:  Wow…!! Just wow..!!

What an original, well articulated answer carved in a poetic manner. You answer this as a final answer and the competition is over right there. What we loved the most about Ankit’s answer is the imagination he has put to bring out those examples and compare a Pin with a Pole and made us realize that small is indeed beautiful

1st Runner Up: Kartik Behl

Answer: Small may be beautiful in some cases but ultimately size does matter ( just for laughs).

Comments by Admin: Yes Kartik, we are laughing. You are certainly Brook Lee of this round. They say, “When you can’t blabber philosophy and literature in final question, just make people laugh and the crown will be yours.!” Just imagine the kind of laugh judges would get for the spontaneity and humour value?. However, this may be little risky for the pageants like Miss World. Kartik proved “Small is beautiful” by answering the smallest(shortest) answer and making it to the Top 3.

Other entries for the question on Facebook Group
Other entries for the question on Facebook Group

2nd Runner-up: Vagisha Mishra

Answer: Beauty lies in little things. A beautiful flower bud shows how a life can enlarge into a beautiful flower giving birth to multitude smiles. The small red patches in the sky prior to sunrise reflect how darkness can evade as soon as positivity penetrates. The little fingers of an infant can wipe the tears of an old man. A single penny given to a beggar roadside can mean him a lot. A small word of gratitude, “Thanks” to your parents can pay off all the struggles they had in upbringing you. A small ant teaches the biggest lesson of hard work and perseverance. The smallest unit of life, heartbeat, keeps your life going. And this is what life is about! Finding bliss and contentment in small things and cherishing it to the core!

Comments by Admin:  Vagisha is a pro when it comes to answering pageant question. She has been in top 3 multiple times and her answers are always a treat to read. Vagisha’s answer covered the human emotion aspect of our life. Emotional content is  another way of standing out at pageant, provided it doesn’t look too melodramatic. You need to pull it off with utmost care.


Congratulations to all the winners..!!!

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