Top 15 Official Swimsuit Photos of Miss Universe 2014

The girls this year are really good and the latest official photos are just one more evidence of the same.  Many girls have spectacular bodies and are a sight to behold in their swimsuits.  Lot of them are particularly photogenic.  Our experts have undertaken the herculean task to pick out the Top 15 from the lot.

15. Miss Indonesia Elvira Devinamira


Elvira has thankfully not dissappointed her huge fan-base.  She is looking very polished in the picture.  Her interview video is also strong.  Indonesian fans have all the reasons to celebrate.

14. Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa


Along with the strong support of fans, MJ is having another strong weapon in the name of her “Perfect 10” body.

13. Miss Italy Valentina Bonariva


Not really much noticed in the contest by far, Valentina shines in this shot with her attractive body.

12. Miss Ukraine Diana Harukusha


Ukraine is always strong in Miss Universe and this year is no exception.  As per her profile on MU site, she can hold hot objects for long time.  Well, doesn’t matter if this is true or not – she is hot in her own ways!

11. Miss South Africa Ziphozakhe Zokufa


This is the best hairstyle we have seen on Ziphozakhe by far and we would love to see her more times with this styling in future events of the contest.

10. Miss India Noyonita Lodh


Noyonita’s unique beauty and fit body make this picture a beautiful sight to behold.

9. Miss Spain Desire Cordero


Desire inspires desire within you. 😉  Her exherance and beautiful smile add a lot to the picture.  And ofcourse, her body is quite perfect!

8. Miss Dominican Republic Kimberley Castillo


Kimberly is tall and very much in shape.  This is perhaps the best picture that we have ever seen of her!

7. Miss Gabon Maggaly Nguema


This black barbie has all that it takes to create a stir in Miss Universe prelims!  Our advice to Maggaly – Just add more energy in your walk, and you will be in Top 5, darling!

6. Miss Brazil Melissa Gurgel


Those who have seen the videos of Melissa will agree that she can burn the ramp with her sexy walk.  Well, even in still pictures she has the same effect.

5. Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell


Kaci is in purrrrfect shape.  The pose really brings out the best of body in terms of looks.  The waist looks amazing.  Doll – that’s how she looks!

4. Miss USA Nia Sanchez


Nia has the perfect body and will easily score 9+ in finals during swimsuit round.  How?  Just see the picture and you’ll agree!

3. Miss Argentina Valentina Ferrer


Valentina is emerging to be the favorite of this contest.  She has everything going for her – the pictures, the videos – people are just loving her!  And why not, she is giving her 100 %.

2. Miss Thailand Pimbongkod Chankaew


Like her name, this lady is very tall.  She is lean and instantly draws your attention due to her frame.  Amazing body – she is bound to be among the top scores in swimsuit round of prelims.

1. Miss Netherlands Yasmin Verheijen 


Yasmin channels the sex appeal of hotties like Sunny Leone & Jennifer Lopez through her looks and poses.  Even during the video interview, her smile helped her manage to look sweet, charming and sexy at the same-time.  Along with Argentina, she is another stunner who has slowly crept among the favorites for the main title.

Please leave your comments about our choices and comments.  Have a nice day! 🙂

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