Ines Ligron’s act: Reality or Insecurity?

Ines Ligron, former National Director of Miss Universe Japan, recently made a comment that Miss India, Noyonita Lodh, refused to take a pic with Miss Singapore, Rathi Menon, whom Ines has trained for Miss Universe 2014. This stirred a controversy among the pageant fans across India and globe. Check what she posted on her Facebook Page:

Miss India

She wrote that Rathi was sad as Miss India refused to take selfies with her. This actually looks like and attempt tp portray Noyonita in a bad light in front of pageant audiences which can actually break the amount of support a candidate is getting. All knows that Noyonita is a strong bet of India and many pageant portals think that she may walk away with the crown. One single silly comment from Ines may hurt a chance of a hard-working girl like Miss India. We have been in touch with Miss India through our sources and it is quite evident that she is one of the sweetest girls and it is impossible for us to believe that she refused for the pic INTENTIONALLY. We came across this funny pic on the net:

A fan tying to meme the situation..!!!
A fan tying to meme the situation..!!!

What we intend to say that there could be a one tiny possibility that Miss India refused for some genuine reason that Rathi misunderstood and blabbered to her mentor, but Ines should have gone in-depth before posting such controversial statement [You are not just a Gossip provider…right?], that too when she is indirectly linked with this year’s Miss Universe as she is a mentor of Singapore. This actually may put Miss Singapore in a bad light that she is passing on all the gossips to Ines Ligron, who in turn is copying and pasting on her page..!!

One of the following could have been a possible reason, if Miss India actually refused to take a pic with Rathi:

1) Miss India was not actually ready for pictures, may be no make up ?

2) Miss India was busy in some work or was in a hurry that she politely denied Miss Singapore?

3) May be Miss India and Miss Singapore don’t go well together?  And either Miss India said no because of that; after all not all the 70++ girls will be nice to all other 70++ girls or Miss Singapore just made up that news.

This is not the first time that Ines has indirectly attacked on some girl. In 2013, she rudely passed on some comments on Miss Mauritius 2013 on a message, posted by Miss Mauritius 2012; thinking that Miss Mauritius 2013 did that. The message from Ines was as follows:

Ines's reply to Miss Mauritius 2013 for the message actually posted by Miss Mauritius 2012 on the process of selection at Miss Universe 2012.
Ines’s reply to Miss Mauritius 2013 for the message actually posted by Miss Mauritius 2012 on the process of selection at Miss Universe 2012.

Ines did have some valid points but not the gentle way of conveying it and that too an assumption on who posted that message. She should be careful in making such nasty status, otherwise it looks as if she is just hungry for attention or insecure of some front-runners who has a better chance of winning than her own trained girl.

Ines Ligron 2

Although, she did apologize later to Miss Mauritius 2013, the damage was already made where she commented on personal ability of Miss Mauritius by openly saying that she was not a Miss Universe material. You can not just speak anything on the name of ‘FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

Do you think Ines needs to be careful before posting such statuses? or she has all rights to post whatever she wants on her page?