Interview Round: Pageant Question 2

The result of 1st question was real fun and now again we are onto the results of Second question of Interview Round: Pageant Question Series. This time we had a hard time to select a concrete Top 3 due to heavy response from our beloved members. Hence, our choices may be a little subjective for different individual. However, we have tried to keep it as objective as possible by a voting panel’s choice of Admins.


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Pageant Question: Q2

1) What keeps you motivated in tensed situations?

Winner: Shruti Nair


I believe a bit of tension always leads to efficient motivation & the drive to complete the given task at hand. While a plan of action lies in place, tension is like a constant reminder for me to stay on track so all I do is get into the zone & achieve the desired. I ensure I give my all & have no regrets of not doing my best, leaving the rest to God. If not anything, the situation would teach me something. While I lose the battles, I might just win the war.

Comments by Admin:  What a beautifully carved positive answer to a question that can make people beat around the bush. The answer is well articulated and is definitely going to make a huge impact if delivered properly in final round of pageant. What we personally loved the most in this answer is the end quote; Yes..! Quote never goes wrong in pageants.. 😉

1st Runner Up: Simeon Singsit


During such situations I live by the Quote – “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” There’s always pressure to never give up, believe in yourself that you can do it and stay calm. It makes me to do my best and brings out the best in me. And also work harder to meet the challenge. Last but not the least Keep smiling. A smile makes me appreciate the life we have and hope is not lost.

Comments by Admin: Again a very positively articulated answer with an element of honesty in it. As we said, Quotes can’t go wrong [Doesn’t mean that you should always use quotes..Period…!] Simeon started his answer with a quote which itself can act as a whole answer to the question.

Other entries on Face Group of The Great Pageant Community for the Question-2
Other entries on Face Group of The Great Pageant Community for the Question-2

2nd Runner Up: Saloni Sharma


I believe that life is a beautiful gift of god. Every single moment should be cherished and not wasted away.. Whenever a tense moment arises, there can be only two ways, either embrace the situation happily and face it (it will make you experienced and tougher); or start moaning n crying (it will only worsen the things). I prefer the first one for it gives me strength and courage to face the problems plus makes me realize the power of self confidence and belief in my own capabilities.

Comments by Admin: A perfect balance of Philisophy+Articulacy+Positivity+Smartness . However, this answer is very tough to think and deliver instantaneously on the stage in mere 30 seconds of time, You got to have hell lot of confidence into you. To deliver these kind of answer, either you have to have an answer on hand before or you should be Lara Dutta by birth..!!!

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