Miss World 2014 Review of the Finals Show

Miss World 2014 Review

Miss World 2014 Review
Miss World 2014

Viewers from 140 countries of the world witnessed the spectacle called Miss World 2014 finals yesterday.  Glamour & beauty reigned supreme in the show.  The front-runner & our top prediction Rolene Strauss of South Africawon the blue crown with an ease.  Of course, like many previous editions of the greatest pageant in the world, yesterday’s show too breathed a lot of surprises & shocks. Since the pageant is about “Beauty with a Purpose”, we too intend to stick to a positive tone in our analysis; here we present the things we liked about the show & some ideas to improve upon in the coming edition.

Things we liked about Miss World 2014 Finals:

1) Megan Young

Miss World 2014 Review

Megan Young becomes the first Miss World to host her farewell show.  In fact, she is the first international pageant winner to do so!  I am in dearth of words to appreciate this lady.  I have never liked her more than I liked her yesterday.  She looked spectacular.  Her gown was AMAZING.  Her poise was impressive.  Her personality was awesome.  She is very smart & presentable.  She is in the league of Miss World winners like Priyanka Chopra.  I am very pretty sure this star is looking forward to a very bright & successful future.

2) Girls talked about their roomies!

 Miss World 2014 Review

I found this section particularly cute.  The girls definitely did bond a lot in the three weeks that they spent in London.  They talked about the things they liked in each other & also the things they would like to change.  I had fun watching this part of the show!

3) Great Stage

Miss World 2014 Review

Miss World always has a great stage.  The stage this year was very wide and the whole venue was grand.

4) Dances of the world


This section is always my favorite and I am glad the show begun with it this year.  Almost all the acts in the section were fun.  My favorite has to be the one with the African music.  It’s so much fun to see!  This is the part where almost all the girls have some funky steps to do!  I can just imagine how much fun this portion must be for the live audience!  And of course, it is educational.  What better way than music to make other people know about your country.

5) Strong Batch!

Miss World 2014 Review

Oh I have this to say about Miss World every year!  I think the quality of a batch is determined by the number of girls who have the potential to win the crown.  I have to say that although there were few clear front-runners, this batch has atleast 10-12 girls who could have been wonderful choices for Miss World.  I personally loved some girls in particular.  Miss India Koyal Rana was clearly the prettiest lady in the show.  Her dress & styling made her look like a mega-star. Misses Mexico & Brazil looked very attractive.  Miss Hungary’s youthfulness won my heart!  Miss South Africa could have wore a better gown, but anyway her face had undeniable magnetism.  Misses Australia, Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico looked very polished & prepared.

6) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


I was pleased to see Aishwarya Rai with her family on the stage.  This is for the first time that Miss World Organization has honored an anniversary of a former winner in such a grand way.  Of course, she had to be Aishwarya Rai – the most beautiful woman in the world.  Truly she is someone who has brought a lot of fame to Miss World organization by rising above it.  Aishwarya looked dazzling in the show and was very excited!  As an admirer of Aishwariya Rai, I felt very proud & happy to see this.

7) Talent sign-off

Miss World 2014 Review

Misses Scotland & Malaysia competed for the Top spot in the finals.  Both were impressive.  Their styles were very different.  Judges finally picked Miss Malaysia.

8) Quick Announcement of Challenger Event winners

Miss World 2014 Review
Interview Scoreboard

Okay, so unless last year, the winners of the Challenger Events were quickly announced.  In a very short period of time, we came to know the quarter finalists.  Somehow we appreciate this.  Fans are always excited to know, whether their favorites made the first cut or not, as early as possible.

9) Beauty with a purpose

Miss World 2014 Review

This edition too had a lot of focus on “Beauty with a Purpose”.  This aspect of the show is certainly the heart and the sole of the whole Miss World movement.  We were happpy to see five bright ladies being appreciated for their works.  The portion where Julia Morley is honored for her work was heart-warming.  I enjoyed watching images of Julia in her youth! 😛

10) Top 3

Miss World 2014 Review
Top 3

I have to say I LOVED the Top 3.  I always had a feeling that Elizabeth Safrit of the United States is special.  She comes across as a very good person & a smart lady.  As a fan, I loved seeing her finishing third.  TGPC had predicted that she can win the Multimedia award and she did!  We have to say a big thank you to Elizabeth because she is very kind in sharing our updates on her Twitter!  In the final round too, she spoke quite well.  Her presence in the Top 3 was quite expected then.  I am absolutely glad that Miss World recognised the beauty of Miss Hungary Edina.  I have mentioned this so many times at different places – she reminds me of many beauty queens… Zuleyka, Cynthia Olavaria, Gabriela Isler & Ivian Sarcos!  She is very lean and tall.  She is exhuberant and youthful.  She seems fun and her smile is very bewitching.  I was really happy to see her finish second.  Of course, Rolene Strauss was always a favorite of TGPC.  She is everything Miss World is looking for.  She is beautiful, well-educated, smart, personable, confident, fit, attractive, beautiful, angelic & a very kind person.  She exudes class – her beauty is breath-taking.  She will be one of the best Miss Worlds of alltime!

Some Ideas for Improvement of the Final show

1) More footage to People’s Choice Winner

Miss World 2014 Review

Millions of people around the world voted excitedly for the winner.  Won’t it be nice if the winner had got a chance to thank them!  Won’t it be nice if her winning the award was more than 2 seconds of fame!  Won’t it be nice to know a little more about her!  Perhaps judges could have considered her more seriously if they had got to know her a bit more. But Thailand came there only to see her self losing the game which she already lost by not placing in Top 25. I don’t think this was fair to Miss Thailand. There should have been a little talk show on how she felt and how she was looking forward.

2) Transparency & Element of competition

Miss World 2014 Review

How are Top 25 chosen?  Just in few minutes how are Top 10 chosen?  And then quickly Top 5 and then Top 3!  India tops the leader-board but she is not in the Top 5.  France tops the interview round and she is not in Top 25!  These are just some of the questions that are being discussed since past 24 hours on different corners of the internet.  Won’t it be nice to have some clarity about the exact judgement process?  Won’t it be nice if Miss World Organizations comes out in open if any judging is made in the finals at the first place or not?  If not, won’t it be nice if the show is renamed as “The Coronation Night”?  Won’t it be nice if there is some element of competition in the finals?  Won’t it be nice if there was a proper Question & Answer round at the end?  Won’t it be nice if the format was similar to Miss World of 1990s?  Won’t it be nice if the show was more ENTERTAINING?

All in all, as mentioned before, there is a lot that can be appreciated about the show.  If some competition element is added to it, it can become lot more entertaining & fun like Miss Universe!

Images: Screenshots from Live-Streaming on Official MW channel in Youtube, Miss World Facebook page, Missosology FB page