Miss World 2014 Contestants: Disney Princess look-alike

Miss World 2014 will be concluding the pageant on 14th December 2014 in London. While we were busy analyzing the performances of Contestants to prepare our final hotpicks, one of our admins tried drawing the similarities between the contestants and their counterpart in Disney Princess Category. We were surprised that we didn’t have just 1 or 2 or 3 similar contestants but 11 girls resembling to the Disney Princess. Have a look yourself:


Ana Zubashvili is representing Georgia. Her red curly hair draws an immediate resemblance with Princess Merida from ‘Brave Movie’. Her triangular mild sharp face is also quite similar to her disney look-alike.

Daniela is representing Mexico. Her extremely beautiful face is a treat to eyes. This is what the case was with Ariel, her extremely beautiful face stand outs in the bunch of all the Disney princess. Look at the seductive killer stance both the girls are giving in the pic.

Dhio Moreno is representing the land of Dominican Republic. Her dark skin tone and oblong well-shaped jaw line makes her look like Princess Tiana. Don’t both of them look lovely?

Edina Kulcsar is representing Hungary. She has this beautiful resemblance with Princess Belle. Again, both beauties are sight to behold and both are red-head which make similarity more obvious.

Elegance! Elegance! and Elegance…!!! This is what defines Koyal Rana, representing India. Princess Jasmine and Koyal Rana are epitome of Elegance. This is what made Koyal win Best Designer Dress  Award in our opinion.

Krista Haapalainen is representing Suomi. We find her similar to Raphunzel, not because she has such long hair. But their hair colour, facial cut and striking facial beauty made us pair them together.

Nonthawan Thongleng is representing Thailand. Her fair, Jaw line and Skin tone is what Pocahontas has too. Look at the picture and give us a reason how they could not be called long-lost sisters? 😛

Rolene is representing South Africa. If only Rolene had a cartoon version, it would have been none other than Snow White. Those sparkling eyes, beautiful face and assuming Rolene with short hair, ahhh..there is your Snow White..!!

Tanja is representing Iceland. The beauty of Tanja resembles to an angel, something that comes close to Cinderella. Hope Tanja doesn’t lose one of her shoes in Miss World 2014 finale.. 😛

Valerie Weigmann is representing Philippines. Her simplicity and engaging personality resembles to Mulan. Not to forget her long hair..!!!

Yoanna is representing Argentina. Her well-defined jaw line, beauty and hair structure resembles to an extent with Princess Aurora.

These are our pairs. Do you find any other contestant similar to some other Disney Princess?? Do let us know..!!!