Miss Intercontinental 2014: Final Hotpicks

Miss Intercontinental 2014
Miss Intercontinental 2014 Hotpicks

4th December 2014 will be the crowning of new Miss Intercontinental. Presenting TGPC’s Hotpicks for Miss Intercontinental 2014 crown where 72 beauties will be battling out for one title.

Winner: Phlippines,  Kris Tiffany Janson

Kris was a hot favourite to win Bb. Pilippinas 2014 but had to settle down with Miss Intercontinental Philippines title. However, Kris has maintained her hot favourite heat here at Miss Intercontinental as well. She has all the qualities that a winner would required- Beautiful face, great body, extreme grooming from experts, Sash factor and huge fan support. Hence, for us, she is the ideal winner for this contest.

1st Runner Up: Puerto Rico, Keysi Marie Vargas

Keysi is a hot bomb. By far, in this contest, she is the best Latina. Beyond everything, she comes from a land which is one of the origins of ‘PERFORMERS’ at pageants. She is fierce, she is elegant and she knows why she is here, enough said.

2nd Runner Up: Honduras, Sirey Morán

Sirey was our one of the choices for the crown at Top Model of the World 2014. She is a fashion diva and can strike at any moment on the top 2 pick to make her way clear towards the crown. The only problem we see with her is her height, she is comparatively short.

3rd Runner Up: Czech Republis,  Lenka Josefiova

Lenka is a sweet heart. She was also our one of the 7 Top picks at Miss Asia Pacific World 2014. Her high placement at pageant was no surprise and here also we expect her to do the same, given the fact that she is now an experienced candidate here and knows what works well and what doesn’t.

4th Runner Up: Cuba, Jeslie Mergal

The face of Jeslie is a treat to watch. She is definitely on our list because of beauty factor and charm. However, the only way she could be stopped making into the top 10/15 is because of her weak sash factor.


Top 10

6th Position: Myanmar, Angel Lamung

Rising nation into pageants and a sudden explosion of beauty pageant market in Myanmar is a strong reason enough for organisers to put her in semifinalists. However, our reason to keep her in our list is different though. Angel has this angelic charm that can easily impress the judges. She isn’t that well spoken but again, gone are the days when best speakers used to win.

7th Position: Dominican Republic, Gabriela Padilla

Gabriela is an experienced model and a sophisticated looking girl. These kinds of girls used to do very well into the pageants back in 1990’s and we believe the same will work in her favour this year as well. She is class apart in the bunch of 72 candidates.

8th Position: Georgia, Tinatin Jabanasvili

Again a weak sash factor but ANGEL of the pageant. She is one of those next door type of girls who can never go wrong on to the pageant stage, if she has enough projection skills on the walkway.

9th Position: Trinidad and Tobago, Athaliah Samuel

Best girl of colour, Athaliah projects very well in front of cameras. We believe she will be a very competitive delegate during finale. The only thing that can stop her is her weak sash or may be her interview, since we haven’t seen her speaking.

10th Position: South Africa, Donique Leonard

South Africa has sent a fierce candidate in the form of Donique. Our expert had swinging votes in deciding her position. Most of us think that if she makes it to the Top 10/15, she will be in Top 5 as well or she will certainly miss the cut. So to be one a safer side, we put her on our 10th spot.


Who do you think will win the contest?