Miss Earth 2014: Final Hotpicks

Miss Earth 2014 will soon be crown in Manila, Philippines in on 29th November 2014. The outgoing queen, Alyz Henrich from Venezuela will be doing the honor of crowning the new Miss Earth. As per our assessment, we could rate this batch of Miss Earth 7/10 in terms of contestant pool and one of the above decent groups.During arrival, we could come up with our list of Miss Earth 2014: Pre Arrival Hotpicks. However, as the contest progressed, our panel of expert rated each girl on their performances in Sub-events and overall impression and could manage to arrive with Top 16 list, presented as below:

Miss Earth 2014 Final Hotpicks.
Miss Earth 2014 Final Hotpicks.


Miss Earth 2014: Venezuela~Maira Alexandra Rodríguez.

She was expected to represent Venezuela at Miss Earth 2015 but due to dethronement of her predecessor she was chosen to represent her country. Is Back 2 Back a possibility? YES. Is Miss Earth Organization ready for it? YES, they are. Maria is a true Venezuelan beauty Queen who can burn the stage with her strong flirtatious personality & mesmerizing catwalk skills .

Miss Earth Water:  Spain~Zaira Bas

She has slayed her competition being in one of the most competitive group this girl has proven her metal. She is our sentimental favorite and we hope that she does well.

Miss Earth Air: India~ Alankrtia Sahai

She proved many people, including us, wrong that you need to crown your delegate early to make her ready for the international contest. She has won 6 medals highest, in this year’s edition. Can she put back India into Miss Earth Map? we definitely think she can.

Miss Earth Fire: USA~Andrea Neu

Beautiful face perfect body & humble personality this girl has it all to take the Miss Earth crown for USA.



5th Spot. Philippines~Jamie Herrell

The host girl has done exceptionally well and many are expecting a home turf win for her. The possibility of it is very high.

6th Spot.Dominican Republic~Mayté Brito:

It is a well-known fact that medals don’t have any impact in deciding the top 16. Even though she has 1 medal, this girl is surely the best black beauty at this year’s pageant & one of the most loved one.

7th Spot.Brazil~Leticia Silva:

After last year’s non placement, Brazil is back with vengeance. They have already won 2 Miss Earth crowns & multiple Elemental crown. Brazil has either gone unplaced or has landed in top 4 always, but we feel this will be the first time that Brazil will settle for a Top 8 finish.

 8th Spot.Thailand~Sasi Sintawee

One of the highest medal winners,Thailand usually does well at Miss Earth & this year was no exception. We are confident that Sasi will cruise through top 16.

TOP 16

9th Spot. U.S.Virgin. Islands~Esonica Veira

She is a seasoned veteran. She has represented her homeland at Miss World 2011 & Miss Universe 2013 and in this competition, so far she has done everything right. The fans are loving her exotic features. We hope & pray that her past pageant experiences help get a placement for her country.

10th Spot. Paraguay~Sendy Cáceres

Currently she is 2nd in Medal Tally behind Miss Spain. we would love to see this Chica wear the Miss Earth Crown but the girls mentioned above are much more visible and have better potential as per our panel’s choice.

11th Spot. Russia~Anastasia Trusova

Silent Killer of this batch. We don’t see her winning but she can easily be in the top 4.

12th Spot. Tahiti~Hereata Ellard

One of the most beautiful faces of the pageant and it will be a shame if she misses the cut.

13th Spot. Puerto Rico~Franceska Toro

Puerto Rico is having an amazing run at pageants this year & it seems that Miss Earth will continue that streak. Franceska has everything that is required to pull off another win for Puerto Rico at pageants this year. She has won 3 bronze medals so far.

14th Spot. South Africa~Ilze Saunders

She has won 2 medals so far & can ace her close door interview round which is more important than winning medals in this pageant.

15th Spot. Slovak Republic~Daria Frabici

She has a very sophisticated face but hasn’t won any medal. However, she can easily enter the top 16 solely based on her beauty & amazing body.

16th Spot. Nepal~ Prinsha Shrestha

Possible winner of Yahoo People’s choice award so she will get direct entry into semis. Hasn’t won any medals so far.


These pick are solely of our expert and doesn’t represent the actual result. Let’s wait for finale and see how much correct have we predicted. What do you think? Did your favorite make our list?