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-Article by ‘Adney Goncalves’

A Prelude:

It was a lazy Sunday and I had done nothing but roll on my bed from end to the other and then suddenly I get a call from a friend asking me “What were you doing in the mall today, I saw you and waved at you but you did not respond” I was surprised at this because I did not even move an inch out of my house. I told my friend that I did not go out, to which he said that he saw a person exactly like me.  I wondered “Could it really be an out-of-body experience?” Nah too bizarre to be true, I told myself… But I wondered, would there be people who would look similar to me? Other than a twin, the other option would be a surreal thing.

Points to Ponder:

My curiosity led me to explore on the net and found that it is possible for a human to meet at least 7 different people who look exactly the same. Whoa!! That was quite a fact. My curiosity grew and as I was pondering on this topic, many people who look similar flashed before me.

This led me to explore a little more into my favorite subject: Pageants!!! Could there be Doppelganger of pageant queens? Look alike who could make my head scratch and question who is who?

Let me take you to five such beauty queens who resemble a known face from the showbiz industry. Their similarity to these celebs in most cases gave them an advantage in pageantry.

The Analysis: The Beauties of Pageants and their Celebrity Dead ringer:

1) Vanya Mishra’s sees in the mirror and the reflection is Chitrangada Singh

Vanya Mishra-Chitrangda Singh

Vanya Mishra-Chitrangda Singh

When Vanya was crowned as a surprise winner of Miss India 2012, everybody started talking about her similarities with the Popular Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh. And the similarities are quite astonishing. From a jaw line that matches every inch to the hair and even the voice. These two belles can be confused easily and these could be quite painstaking sometimes to be mistaken as someone else.

2) Nick Jones accidentally dates Ariana Grande thinking she is Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo-Ariana Grande

Olivia Culpo-Ariana Grande

Is that you, Olivia Culpo singing in a high-pitched voice? or is it you Ariana Grande strutting the runway in a red ball gown? These two petite girls have many things in common but above all is that face which makes everyone think twice to tell each other apart. The jaw line, the hairstyle and the girl next door look and the similar poses in the media make them Siamese twins.

3) Media confuses Claudia Lynx to be ex Miss World – Aishwayra Rai

Aishwariya Rai- Claudia Lynx

Aishwariya Rai- Claudia Lynx

Two beautiful olive-green eyes, to that glowing skin and a face that could launch thousand ships, the description which fits perfectly to the most beautiful Miss World ever: Aishwarya Rai. But wait, is she really Aishwarya Rai? Walks in, Claudia Lynx, an Actor, Model Writer, Humanitarian, and a former Persian Pop Star. Who would have thought that Aishwarya Rai would have an exact looking dead ringer.

4) Audrey Hepburn reincarnates as Marigona Dragusha

Audrey Hepburn-Marigona Dragusha

Audrey Hepburn-Marigona Dragusha

Audrey Hepburn was a renowned British actress and a Humanitarian, known for her beautiful face and that beautiful high bun. When Marigona Dragusha walked in the beautiful Purple gown in Miss Universe 2009 competition, she striked a high resemblance to Audrey. Marigona with the high bun, the beautifully carved cheek bones, the meek face, she was a perfect recipe to recreate Audrey Hepburn.

5) Fierce Battle of Pouty lips between Angelina Jolie and Zana Krasniqi ends in a tie

Angelina Jolie- Zana Krasniqi

Angelina Jolie- Zana Krasniqi

Fierce aura, fire in the eyes and those pouty lips, Zana Krasniqi resembles a lot like Angelina Jolie. The resemblance was so much that it catapulted Zana in Miss Universe 2008 pageant as one of the favorites to win. Both these ladies are hard to tell apart at times.  As of now, these ladies may not look the same as age has started to take its toll. But there are certain pictures where anyone can get mixed up easily.

6) Esha Gupta and Angelina Jolie play twins in an upcoming movie

Esha Gupta- Angelina Jolie

Esha Gupta- Angelina Jolie

East meets west, Esha Gupta transforms beautifully and resembles the top Hollywood star, Angelina Jolie. The similarities are mind-boggling. The cheek elevation, the symmetry of the jaw line and the pouty lips, all these common factors make them dead ringers of each other. If not for the skin tone, it would have been hard for us to tell them apart.

7) Conspiracy theory circulating that Alankrita Sahai and Nargis Fakhri are actually twins

Alankrita Sahai-Nargis Fakhri

Alankrita Sahai-Nargis Fakhri

Before Miss Diva winners were crowned, everybody started taking about how Alankrita Sahai resembles Bollywood Star Nargis Fakhri. It is the resemblance and utter beauty that set her apart and propelled her as a strong contender to win Miss Diva. The facial features are so much alike that they can actually pass off as a mirror image of each other.

A quick reflection:

My inquisitive nature allowed me to intrude into a few aspects of pageantry that varied the results solely based on contestants being Doppelganger of an International Celebrity. Pageant contestants who look like celebs get an immediate attention, keeping them in focus. Good or bad have to be analyzed further on. Initially could be a good thing but later on it could be known as a mere look-alike and not standing out as an individual.

In an age where surgery is in vogue and pageant embracing it, it is not difficult to get a desired look. A look which may be synonymous to any international celebrity, but the question is, will it make the contestant really stand out?

To wrap it up:

I must admit that there are Doppelganger and that people do look-alike even when they are not connected in any ways.  Since my Doppelganger incident, I have fascinated in people looking alike and researched quite a bit on it. It would certainly be quite a fantasy to see two people who look alike meet each other. It would quite an amazement for the world but I am sure deep inside nobody wants another person who looks exactly like them.

About the Author

Adney Gonçalves: A 26 year old who is a content writer for the internet and also a software professional describes himself as a go-getter. This Portuguese believes in giving his best and cannot settle for anything that is mediocre. Pageants is his first love and his favorite pageant happens to be Miss World. He has keen interest in dark beautiful girls especially from Africa.

Adney Gonçalves: A 26-year-old who is a content writer for the internet and also a software professional describes himself as a go-getter. This Portuguese believes in giving his best and cannot settle for anything that is mediocre. Pageants is his first love and his favorite pageant happens to be Miss World. He has keen interest in dark beautiful girls especially from Africa.

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