Miss Diva Universe 2014 – TGPC’s Final Hot picks







Alright, so in the social media, the finals of Miss Diva have already taken place.  One day Lopamundra is chosen as winner and next day Niddhi.  One day Noyonita is out of Top 6 and other day Asha.  Mother of a contestant makes a comment saying, “Oh I am proud of my daughter anyway” and that is taken as evidence to post everywhere that the girl is eliminated.  This girl is like that particular contestant of Miss Universe 2000 whom Lara liked, so this girl has high chances of winning.  All these amusements become funnier every passing day!  And the fact is, we will know things for sure only when Miss Diva team makes an official announcement about it.  Hence at this page, we have decided to stay away from any such amusements.  For us, all the girls are in race and we are going to give them all a huge applause because they all are full of qualities that can be appreciated.  We are loving the frenzy, the talks, the excitement, the confusion – everything about Miss Diva 2014 is enchanting. 🙂

This year the batch is definitely an upgrade to last year’s batch and even to this year’s Femina Miss India batch.  There are at least 7-8 girls who can crack the semi-finals at Miss Universe with some basic grooming.  There is no girl in the batch who can be written off at first sight.  And there are at least 2-3 girls who can be groomed into Miss Universe Top 5 Finalists.  Honestly, this much qualifies for me to label this batch as the STAR batch of Miss Diva.  Just in second edition, Miss Diva has managed to come up with such a good batch and is showing so much progress in the way things are worked out.  Kudos, Team Diva!

Our experts have been studying the girls since the beginning of the pageant.  The interviews, photos, videos, behavior on social media, past experience, natural beauty, X-factor, appeal among masses, reception in international platforms – everything has been intelligently considered in arriving at the Hot-picks.  It has been a tough task, but we have done our best.  We are pretty sure that the winner will be from the 7 stars that our team has identified.  🙂

So here we begin!

Youthful Shreeradhe has been impressing fans with her soft, attractive facial features and meek presence.  There have been comparisons of this young lass with Manasi Moghe!
10600504_844315485601648_4924094847134126077_nHida comes with a rich modelling experience and is a nice package overall.  In some angles she can pass off as Shraddha Kapoor!  A little bit of grooming and this girl can easily place at Miss Universe coming January.

10628463_844315432268320_645926456775894839_nAsha is extremely well-spoken and has a good presence.  She has the “Miss World” or “Miss America” thing about her.  We would love to see her back in Miss India (in case she doesn’t win this year) after becoming fitter.  This talented girl seems to have the potential of surprising people in future like Parvathy Omanakuttam!

10632671_844315428934987_6058375611072594229_nAlankriti Sahai is the “sexy” lady in the batch.  A great body and a strikingly attractive look is what works in her favor.  She is well-spoken.  She is definintely a girl who can be win attention even in crowds with ease.

10665066_844315535601643_2442797877985001235_nSomeone recently commented on a post that Lopamundra won Miss Diva and will try again next year. 🙂 She is one of the girls who never give up.  A wonderful lean body and a kick-ass attitude is what works in her favor.  If she can crack Top 5 at Miss India, she can do it at Miss Diva too!


Vartika Singh is one of the girls we think who can rock the Miss Universe pageant with proper preparation.  She has the physical beauty in requirement amounts for sure.  She is quite photogenic and very beautiful in conventional perspective.1011839_841200099246520_3701723333161808177_n

Noyonita Lodh is the popular girl in American forums.  Some call her Goddess.  Some call her India’s third Miss Universe.  She has the biggest number of fans among all the girls.  Her face is doll-like and she is fit.  She seems humble and friendly by nature.  Girls with good attitudes always win hearts.  We feel she can do well at Miss Universe too!

Overall, we are expecting positive results from Miss Diva this year.  We are hopeful to get a good winner who turns into a stunner at Miss Universe.  She will have a good amount of time for preparations since Miss Universe is in January 2015.  Let’s see how things work out!!! 🙂