Sweat and Fat: Your whole Childhood was a Lie

I guess you all must be thinking that the title is too obvious to point out where I am going to take you all today. But oh well, I am sure you are not thinking exactly what you will know after reading this post. I thought of making writing this article about the relation between Sweat and Fat (relation? really?), especially for those people who are into core gymming or some kind of heavy physical activities to attain a pitch perfect toned body, since many people are too misguided by ‘Word of Mouth’ & ‘Self-proclaimed Experts’.,

Myth: The more you sweat, the more you lose fat.

Biggest Myth: The more you sweat, the slimmer you become.


Time to burst Bubble: I know, most of us grew up believing the fact that if you are fat and you want to become slim & toned, you should do exercise in various forms. While doing exercise, you should release sweat which melts Fat from your body and you become slim (Wow, you must read ahead then).

Well the fact that when you do exercise, your body temperature goes up. The brain reflex-action tries to preserve body’s natural temperature, hence the secretion of sweat takes place which helps body to cool down and bring it back to its normal form. However, I am sure your science teacher in school must have told you that Water and Fat don’t mix, isn’t it? Then to expect that with sweating, your fat will be thrown out of the body in toxic form or whatever is not at all correct. Hence, all those excited souls wearing Sauna belts or seating in Steam room for hours are doing no good to their body, in fact I suggest you that if you are doing this, Please stop it the moment you are reading  this article. People generally think that if you heat the region with fat, fat gets melt and it is carried away through various exit paths of the body, well may be but the amount is almost negligible. The ONLY (Read as Fastest and Efficient, 😉 ) way to remove fat gets removed from those heavy region is by consuming that in the form of energy which we generally refer as Fat Burning. Strength training helps very effectively in reducing this Fat, even after 48 hours of 1 hour gymming, it keeps burning fat [ Read Article ].

Sweating reduces water content from your body.

Now you might come up with an argument that you have had many examples where people wore Sauna belts or similar things and reduced the considerable amount of those KGs( your biggest enemy, isn’t it? 😛 ). Then you need to keep patience, as anyway I am coming to that point <Devil Laugh..Bwahaha>

One important thing you should remember that water consists a majority of your body portion, almost 70% as they say. Now when you keep those heating belt around your Fat region, the first thing you lose is water and not fat. So the more you sweat, the more you lose water from your body. This lost water slowly become deficient into the cells of those area and this results into temporary loss of few grams, Yuppie…You achieved it finally…!!! But remember, this is the most dangerous way to lose the your weight. You should always focus on reducing Fat and not Weight because if you lose healthy portion from you body, like water in this case, slowly you will start looking much older than your real age and your skin will look lifeless. Hence, if you are working out, I suggest you to do it in a gym with either having AC facility or having lots of ventilation. This will ensure that you will get enough fresh air and will help you to sweat less, as the more you sweat the less you feel further working out due to loss of water from body.

Health Tips:

1) Keep sipping water in between work out. Just sipping.

2) Drink 2 glasses of water post work out. The signals of thirst are very weak after workout, hence you may not feel thirsty; still you should drink 2 glasses of water to compensate for water loss during workout period.

3) Always remember a golden rule, great body is only attained with a proper combination of Work out+Diet. You should always take healthy diet. Read my Article on 5 Mistakes People do to Stay Healthy.