Survivor TGPC, Day-3 Immunity Challenge: Do your Math.

Survivor TGPC:

Day 3, Immunity Challenge: Do Your Math…!!!


So here is the quick recap of what happened yesterday, Beauty tribe lost the immunity challenge in Day 2. Hence, went through an elimination.

Shashank Nair got 5 votes against him and Iftekar Alam got 1 vote against him. Shashank Nair had to leave the game and now Beauty and Brain are on a common platform where both shall competed with 6 players each.


Here is the working rules of Day 3 Immunity Challenge, Do your Math:

1) There are 5 sub-tasks given below.

2) Every image consists of 2 objects in it.

3) You that to count ONLY the object that has been asked there.

4) Note down the number of object asked in each task.

5) Now, put all the answers in an order of task done. For e.g if the answer of

task-1 is 10,

task-2 is 20,

task-3 is 30,

task-4 is 40 and

task-5 is 50.

Then you will arrange these answers in the order of task, like 1020304050.

6) This number will be your master key.

7) Now click on the link of TREASURE BOX.

8) Enter the master key in ENTER YOUR PASSWORD section to unlock the treasure box. There will be a hidden message, which will be destroyed once it is unlocked and read by some of you, read it carefully and send the same message to  TGPC ADMIN.

9) The only member to send the correct message will win Immunity for his tribe and 100 chips/(Number of correct answers from his tribe). In case if there is a problem with link, you can send your Masterkey to TGPC Admin (This might be considered for deciding winner if no one come up with hidden Message)

10) Remember, count very very carefully, a single mistake in counting can lead you to do whole task again, what a waste of time then…phewww..!!!

11) The game shall end once the message is received or after 24 hours.



Here are your 5 tasks and link to Treasure Box:

1) Task-1, Snake vs Mangooes:

Count Snakes

Count Snakes
Count Snakes


2) Task-2: Star vs Diamonds

Count Stars 

Count Stars
Count Stars

3) Task-3: Roses vs Tulip

Count Roses

Count Rose
Count Roses


4) Task-4, Apple vs Peach

Count Apples

Count Apples
Count Apples


5) Task-5, Ladder vs Log

Count Ladder

Count Ladders
Count Ladders



Link to Treasure Box: CLICK HERE


All the best, and may the best one win..!!!

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