Survivor Day 2: Immunity Challenge- Jumble Me Up.

Hello All,

Hope you are having great time competing in the game Survivor TGPC. The correct answer for the Day-1 Reward Challenge-Piece by Piece was:

Reward Challenge Day 1

Brain Tribe managed to solve the puzzle correctly in lowest time and won the Reward for their team. The reward was one extra member to their team and 5 chips to all team mates

Day 1 Results
Day 1 Results

Its now time to reveal the next Challenge. This challenge will be Immunity Challenge, which ensures the safety of the winning team and 10 Gold Chips. The losing team will have to face one member’s elimination, subsequently before the next game. Hence it’s very important to win this task for either of the tribes.

The game task for Day 2, Jumble me up is explained as below:

Day 2 immunity Challenge

1) There are 11 pictures of famous celebrities in this collage (each pic is numbered)

2) The task is simple. You have to identify all the celebrities ( No, you won’t win just by doing that.. 😛 )

3) Once you have identified, you have to write down their Correct name and have to pick the letter of their names as mentioned in the hints below:

Pic-1: 3rd letter of her first name

Pic-2: 4th letter of his second name

Pic-3: 1st letter of his first name

Pic-4: 4th letter of his first name

Pic-5: 1st letter of her second name

Pic-6: 2nd letter of her first name

Pic-7:  3rd letter of her first name

Pic-8: 3rd letter of her first name

Pic-9: 6th letter of her second name

Pic-10: 3rd letter of his second name

Pic-11: 2nd letter of her first name


4) Once you have found all the 11 letters, you are now supposed to jumble those letters in order to get a name ( first and second) of one of the famous Cartoon characters of Disney.

5) The moment you get that name, you have to submit it to TGPC ADMIN in their personal inbox on Facebook.

6) You can change you answer as many time as you want, untill and unless the other team have submitted their correct answer. The first team to give the correct answer will win the Immunity Challenge.

7) Deadline for the task: 24 hours.


All the best and have fun. May the best win..!!!