Survivor Day 1: Reward Challenge- Piece by Piece

Welcome to the Day 1 of Survivor TGPC.

Today we are going to release the First Task of the Game show. This task will not only measure your Patience but also your smartness through the complexity it has got. Today’s task is a ‘Reward Challenge’. Hence the team that wins the challenge gets goodies in their bags. No elimination will be done on Day-1.  It is very important that you and your tribe mates co-ordinate in this task and gel well to be safe from future eliminations.

The participating Tribes are as below:

Beauty vs Brain Tribe
Beauty vs Brain Tribe

Here is the details of the task (READ CAREFULLY)

1) Click on the link: Piece by Piece

2) You will see a puzzle divided into the pieces, for e.g., as below.

Puzzle divided into pieces
Puzzle divided into pieces

3) Every tribe member shall try to solve the puzzle individually, although playing for Tribe only. The tribe member who will submit it first will win the challenge for the whole tribe.

4) You have to arrange the pieces in correct position. Once you add two correct pieces, it will merge into one and so on…

5) The moment you solve whole puzzle, you will get one picture. You will have to take a screenshot and send it to TGPC ADMIN in personal message on Facebook.

Screenshot to be sent on Task Completion
Screenshot to be sent on Task Completion

6) Your submission time shall be noted and at the end of the game time and winners will be declared. Every member shall win 5 points on winning the Tribal Challenge. Remember, this points will help you to trade in various Auctions in subsequent games.

Reward for Winning Team:

Having a strong team is very important for any game. And how if you get one more member into your team? Better chances of winning the tasks in future, isn’t it?

Well the tribe winning the challenge today shall get ‘Iftekar Alam’ as one of the tribe member in their team!  Adding one more member to the team would certainly add a strong edge.

So guys what are you waiting for?  You know the rules, you know the task… pull up your socks, jump in and solve the damn thing! LOL

Hope you have fun!  Best of luck… 🙂