Survivor TGPC Kick Starts.

Survivor TGPC
Survivor TGPC

Hello Fellas,

So the wait is over, phewww….

Today we officially begin  the first Ever season of ‘Survivor TGPC’. Survivor TGPC is based on a famous TV Show SURVIVOR, where all the members will compete to win an ultimate  title of ‘Survivor TGPC’ by either keeping themselves safe by winning immunity or by saving themselves from elimination through proper game strategy.


The basic working of the game is as follow:

1) All the members shall be divided into 2 tribes ‘Beauty vs Brain’.

2) Everyday, or alternate day, one online task shall be given to all the tribe members. The tribe has to try to complete the task as soon as possible. It makes no difference which member submits the task correctly, the first who submit it, wins the tribe challenge for his whole tribe. There shall be two kind of challenges:

a) Immunity challenges, where the winning tribe is safe from elimination.

b) Rewards challenges, where the winning team earns some special powers that will give them a certain edge to the winning team.

As mentioned, the tribe who wins the immunity is safe from eliminations and no member from them shall be voted out for that episode.

3) The team losing the immunity challenge, shall have an internal voting where the member getting highest vote shall be eliminated.

4) The challenges shall keep going and one by one the losing team will keep losing a member.

5) After we are only left with only 2 players in one tribe or total 7 players in both tribe. Both the tribes shall be merged to form a new tribe called ‘Braun’. Here on wards, all the members shall compete individually and the 2 members that are left out last will face a jury vote off.

6) The members from 3rd to 7th position will act as a jury and will vote for the Top 2 to decide the ultimate winner.


What more you should know?

1) All the tasks are online. So every team member has to be alert about timings of tasks so as to give best performance.

2) Since this is online gameshow, we have no control over users. Hence they are all free to form ally, discuss votings, share their strategy or even help other team members finishing game (if game requires whole team to play for winning). Every politics is allowed.

3) You can’t defame any contestant or any stake holder related to the game in any case. Violations of the same may lead for disqualification.

4) As we proceed in the game, more suspense and excitement would be added by introducing various components in tasks.

5) Only the number of votes shall be revealed and not who voted for whom.


Participants Registered so far:

1) Humera Kureshi

2) Lisbern Shawn

3) Adney Goncalves

4) Iftekar Alam

5) Simeon Singsit

6) Shashank Niar

7) Sobhin Krishna

8) Kartik Behl

9) Saloni Sharma

10) Smit Nikam

11) Ana Madaria

12) Sonia Agnihotri



1) All the participants are once again required to confirm by commenting below in the blog. Only those who comments in 24 hours shall be allotted a place in Tribe. The remaining registration may not hold a position if they fail to comment with in 24 hours, and if there is a new applicant he will be allowed to fill in the spot instead.

2) All our official communication shall happen through TGPC ADMIN account. Hence all the participants are quested to add the same for all the communication.

3) There will be a separate FB group where all the tasks shall be assigned. This is in order to get you a notifications for all tasks. Kindly join the group on intimation.

4) Please submit you one photo to TGPC ADMIN which you want to feature in all the banners of Survivor TGPC.

5) There shall be no replacement for any drop outs from the tribe. In this case, the tribe has to move on with what so ever members left in the game.

6) In case of any discrepancy, the final call shall be of the management.

7) We are accepting registertion till next 24 hours as far as we get even numbers.


All the best, may the best of you win…!!!