5 mistakes people do to stay ‘HEALTHY’.

People now a day are becoming too much conscious about their body that they will accept anything and everything if somebody tells them ,’Do this (or any xyz crap), it keeps body healthy’. Personally, we feel that one should ONLY follow something when it is supported by logical reasoning and justification. We are listing 5 common habits that we have observed as a part of daily routine life of people, damaging their own body on the name of ‘Being Healthy’.

5 Habits

1) Heavy Lunch, Light Dinner:

Take heavy lunch, after all we are going to work alot in second half...!!!
Take heavy lunch, after all we are going to work a lot in second half…!!!

People are often misguided that lunch should be heavy and dinner should be light. The logic they apply is that as we are working more during day time, we need heavy lunch and as the activities are low at night we need light food. But, one needs to know that when you take heavy lunch, you start feeling bloated and your metabolism gets slow down. Hence, now you know why most of you feel sleepy after taking heavy lunch. The truth here is Lunch should be as light as dinner or say even breakfast. Surprised?? Well, the logic here applies is that your body needs constant energy to deal with routine work. Instead of taking 3 heavy meals, you should take 6 light meals ( 3 light snacks+ 3 light meals). By light you should not get confused by taking low food and starve yourself. We would say just listen to you stomach signals. Taking 6 meals helps you in 2 way, first your body never runs out of energy and gets constant food supply. Hence, body gets sure that there is not going to be any shortage of food and will stop storing your food in the form of FAT (Yes, body does that when it feels that you are not getting regular supply of food). Second, this will ensure that you will not end up eating like a monster at one time since you have been eating 6 meals, you tend to eat less as you always feel full. Generally, you should take 6 meals at the gap of 2 hours or 3 in worst cases. And always finish your dinner before 2 hours of going to bed, best at 7-7:30 pm.

2) Extreme Dieting:

No Carb, No Fat...!!! Yuppie, I lost 7 kg in 7 days.
No Carb, No Fat, No calorie…!!! Yuppie, I lost 7 kg in 7 days.

Firstly we would like to clear the air by saying ‘Dieting doesn’t mean Starving yourself’. The art of dieting lies in eating right and the most important is eating at right time. People generally tends to cut down Fat and Carbs completely out of their diet. This is the most dangerous thing the do to stay so-called ‘HEALTHY & FIT’. Your body needs calorie to generate energy for daily work, if you cut it down your body starts using the store of fat stored in your body, but ultimately it ends up consuming the energy of cells of muscles. This is how you lose weight actually by doing DIETING (that’s what they call). You are actually losing your body and not the weight. We really suggest you to stop being conscious about calorie.

‘Focus on Nutrition and not on Calories’

Remember by avoiding fat you are also avoiding the absorption of fat soluble nutrients which is vital for body, for e.g. Vitamin B and D. Hence, you should always make balance between right amount of nutrients. No nutritionist would ever tell you to stop the intake of Fat or Carb, because they know each and everything is equally important in diet.

3) Living life on SALAD:

I support PETA, Hence let's 'Go Green.'
I support PETA, Hence let’s ‘Go Green.’

We have seen many people trying to pretend that they so conscious about dieting that even when they go out for a buffet lunch with office colleagues, they will just eat SALAD and nothing else (Stop smiling 😛 ). This is alarming for all those who are doing it, because as mentioned in upper point, your body can’t bear this torture for longer time, there will be a day when you will get fed up with this fodder and ultimately will grab all chicken biryani, laddoos, pastries etc ending up gaining double-tripple weight than you lost. Yes, this is true; ask all those who has done this for a while. The real secret lies in eating everything but in limit and most importantly in correct time. No doubt vegetables are good source of all nutrients, but take salad as one of you snack meal of 6 meals concept. Don’t ever try to substitute your lunch or dinner with salad, NEVER.

4) Eating fruit desert after Dinner (or lunch):

No dinner is completed without Fruits.
No dinner is completed without Fruits Custard.

People used to end up their dinner by eating deserts/ sweets few years back (although many still do). However, all those health conscious soul gave a thought and replaced the sweet with fruit thinking fruits are always healthy. Well, time to burst the bubble, Phusssss… No matter how much you think eating fruit after meal is going to benefit you, but it’s not. Yes, the logic here lies is that since you have already taken your part of meal, your stomach has enough to digest now. And if you add something sweet to your digestion system, the load increases and most probably it will end up getting converted into Fat. Remember, fruits are ultimately carrying fructose which is also another form of sugar. Hence, try avoiding eating fruits after your meal, instead it’s really beneficial if you eat if during snack meal time of one of the 6 meals concept. Eat it individually, don’t club it with your regular meal.

5) Jogging after dinner:

Had dinner?? Time for jogging now, for better digestion...!!
Had dinner?? Time for jogging now, for better digestion…!!

How would you feel if you ate a yummy butter chicken and it doesn’t digest at all??? Yes, this is what happens when you instantly go for a walk or jogging after dinner. Once you are done with your dinner, your stomach needs all the supply of blood diverted for the process of digestion, however if you go out for jogging, its your leg muscles that also needs the same blood to flow while jogging, here occurs a clash and ultimately stomach doesn’t get the supply of blood. This makes the digestion process a failure and the food either gets converted as a fat or goes waste (you know where..!!!). Moreover, your metabolism is very slow at night-time, so first you should avoid late night dinners and second you should just relax for approximately 45 minutes to allow your stomach to digest the yummiest food you ate. This will make you healthy and not jogging after dinner.

WARNING: If you are doing even one of them, STOP it…!!! And if you are doing all 5, Congratulations, soon you will become an author of ‘5 Mistakes of my life’ 😉 .

Do ask if any query in comment section below, we shall get back to you with the solution… 🙂