Will Sanchez do a ‘Culpo’ or a ‘Fakih’?

Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014
Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014

So it’s been more than a month that Nia Sanchez, Miss Nevada, completed her reign as Miss USA 2014 (Let’s not forget the buzz and  hoopla around her residency issues, Trump anyways loves them..ding..!!). So we thought of drawing some similarities between Nia and past Miss USA(s). Well, we picked up a classic case of  win of underdogs, as Nia’s was, like Rhode Island in 2012 and Michigan in 2010. Yes, Nia resembles with these two ladies in one or the other way,a lot, that it makes us think that she could either win it all at Miss Universe just like Miss Culpo or lose everything just like Miss Fakih.

Here we present certain co-incidences that may even make you think for a moment:

1) Nia represented Nevada which is delivering quite a well in past few years, however, just like Olivia Culpo and Rima Fakih; she was least expected to win the contest. Rima fought against the major front runner from Oklahoma, while Olivia had to beat the stunning goddes of Nevada and black barbie of  Georgia. Girls like Alabama, North Dakota and Georgia were among the top picks of all pageant sites in 2014 but Nia proved to be fatal for them. However, all 3 girls fought against the odds and beat the front runners to make a clear way to the crown.

2) All the three girls were petite  compared to the general standards of pageant contestants’ height. During swimsuit round, all you can see is performance and not some great ‘Whoaaaa’ kind of figure..!!! Hence, it wasn’t easy to predict whether these girls shall move further or not in the competition. But when they made it, you felt like deserving placement because they did performed.

Rima Fakih, Nia Sanchez, Olivia Culpo
Rima Fakih, Nia Sanchez, Olivia Culpo

3) Evening gown made them stand out. Yes, we must say that these girls stood out in the bunch because of their choices of perfect evening gown in their own time. Rima selected a milky white gown with a rough fish tail gown which just made her look like landing from the land of ‘Fairy Tale’ where as Olivia’s awesome mix of purple-reddish-pinkish feel colour added to the charm of her beauty, she selected flowy which made her look like princess and work it out like now one else. Nia was altogether in a different league when it came to evening gown, she selected a rossy petal kind of evening gown with a front beautiful flowery slit in rossy red colour. She looked like a million dollar girl because of the gown. The suitable choice and attitude made them cross the round of Evening gown with an ease.

4) All these 3 excelled in the final question answer round like no one else in the Top 5. Especially Rima, whose ‘Hi Mom’ is still in the memory of every one who watched the show. These 3 girls were completely outgoing personality and their randomness and liveliness made them stand out in the bunch. The common most thing is that they had the best answer in Top 5/6. Hence, the crown on their head looked more convincing (and deserving) compared to the pre-favourite for the crown.

So how did Rima and Culpo differ at Miss Universe Contest?

When Rima won Miss USA 2014, there was a buzz that she will probably the nest Miss Universe. People loved her so much due to her unbeatable personality and also the fact that the Miss Universe was in Vegas only which made the fact of her winning even stronger. However, as the season arrived, Rima lost charm just like Alyssa did during 2011. Her body wasn’t at the par at first place, her interview was more of an immature girl than fun going girl and her prelim performance was a bomb (bad bomb). Many assumed that she was expecting a direct placement which made her not work hard for the pageant. Hence, she failed to place.

Olivia was almost a Rima Fakih during the season of Miss Universe 2012. However, her beauty was just so mesmerizing that one may want to look at her like for hours and yet not get bored. Yes, Rima’s personality was more of a sophisticated lady in interview but her evening gown selection was not that good. She looked shorter and matured in prelim, Thank God judges ignored that. But, even in finale she was least expected to cross beyond Top 10 against girls like South Africa, France and to some extent Mexico. However, she made it..!!! And again in top 5 as well, her genuine answer was heart felt and this made her win (Although not to ignore the fact that the contest was in her own country and majority of the judges being American).

Btw, did you notice, Rima and Olivia both had Red gown in prelim?

miss nevada Nia Sanchez2

Our Verdict for Nia: Nia is a sweet and a humble girl who seems to be very approachable from the videos we have seen. Her beauty definitely stands out and has a universal appeal which every person from any corner of the world would appreciate. However, Nia might consider working on her overall attitude during the stage performance as she was little cold in Swimsuit round. This girl, if groomed properly, can put USA again in to the top slot. She can easily place in top 10 and from ‘Culpo’ or ‘Fakih’, presently, she would do a Culpo for us. What’s your take?