The Ultimate Genius Challenge – The Finals !!

What started as a simple game turned into a sort of exciting adventure.  And now it is about to end. As we inaugurate the finals of the first season, the memories about the journey so far play vividly in our minds.

The game mostly went harmoniously and in a fun way.  There were minor obstacles here and there, that helped the game in evolving into something better.  The first person to help the game in growing was Smit who challenged the 300-character limit, which was later accepted by him and all gracefully.  As clarified then, the limit was decided after study of the answers of the finalists in major pageants.  The next person to help the game grow was Kartik, whose disappointment with his placement in one episode made us realize how much doing well in the game meant to the participants.  We felt more confident after the matter since we realized that there will never be a time when universal approval will be achieved and all that we can do is to be the best as per our hearts.  The next controversy was when there was disapproval of Saloni‘s continuous wins from few other participants.  After the things eased down, we felt more assertive about the integrity that we tried to practice while conducting this event.  As the game approached towards the end, we noticed there was greater unity, harmony and better bonding among the participants.  They cheered each other and celebrated others’ successes!  Oh, this has been a ride… short but FUN!


1) Saloni Sharma – The topper of the leader-board; she has won three episodes, stood second and third once each.  The only episode in which she din’t place was the one in which she din’t participate!  She is a force to reckon with!
2) Priyank B – Finished second in the leader-board overall!  He participated in all episodes, finished 4th three times, 3rd one time and 2nd one time.  He made it to the semi-finals because of his consistency and smart approach.  Judges have noted that he improved in each and every episode.  The guy played his cards well and with sincerity!
3) Iftekar – He participated in all episodes and finished 5th twice.  But he hit the jackpot in the last episode when he finished first with his sweet, emotional answer and got an entry in semi-finals at the last moment!  He won the Public vote in a highly convincing manner.  And yes, his answer was well-received by many – as we saw in the comments on the posts about semi-finals.
4) Adney – He finished 2nd and 3rd once each.  He added a lot of fun to the game because every-time after results he would rant funnily about his placement or non-placement, whichever the case may be!  His answer in semi-final was a stand-out and judges unanimously picked him as their first favorite and thus finalist!
5) Lisbern – He participated quite late in the season but entered with a bang.  He won the very first episode he tried in!  In semi-finals, judges were leaning towards his answer as their second favorite, although they did consider one of the other answers too.  Yet, choosing him was overall not difficult because his answer was impressive.  He is a strong contender for the main title!

Finals Format:

  • Four questions – finalists will give answers for all at one go

  • Nationally famous celebrities will be judges

  • Each judge will evaluate responses to one question – judges will submit rankings i.e. 1-5

  • Judges’ rankings will be revealed to all one by one via a leader-board

  • Responses for fourth question will be open for public vote

  • A person can vote only once in an hour (IP as well as cookies-based restrictions)

  • Based on votes, rankings will be given from 1-5

  • Judges’ rankings will carry 75 % weight-age, public vote will carry 25 % weight-age

  • All the rankings will be added at the end to get the final rankings

  • The one with best overall ranking will be the winner of the first season

  • Rules of the individual episodes apply here too (300 char only, English language, etc.)

Soon our finalists will receive the four questions and on coming Sunday, we will reveal the entries (for one question) of the contestants for the public vote!

It’s going to be very much fun and exciting.  We are ready to handle the happiness, what about you guys? 😀 😀