Loving the Barbells: How Strength Training Can Benefit Pageant Aspirants

Miss India Earth 2013 Sobhita Dhulipala is a big appreciator of Pilates and attributes her fitness-successes to the same.

Many claim that Miss India winners are taught to practise Pilates for the getting the body which can help them at the international pageants.  There is a cod-ray of pageant-fans who are totally mad about this.  They feel that Miss Indias should also take up the gyms and train themselves like the latina beauties do.  While we do not know what Miss India organization promotes or what Miss Indias actually do, and we also do not have much idea about Pilates, we do feel we can share a bit about strength training and how it can be helpful to pageant contestants, especially those who are committed to winning.

  1. First big advantage about strength training is fat-loss. Yes!Strength training is considered to be primarily for developing muscles and becoming stronger, but it is perhaps the best way of shedding off the extra fat from the body.  How?  This is because of the miracle called AFTERBURN.  While the cardio exercies like jogging, swimming, etc. help you burn calories while you do them, the strength training ensure fat-burning for at least 48 hours even after the workout.  How?  This is because muscles are stretched and even torn during the workout and for their repair, the body needs to burn fat.  This raises the metabolic rate of the body too and it turns into a fat-burning machine!
  2. Second advantage is that muscles that are developed as a result of strength training also feed off the fat.  yes, to sustain the muscles, the fat is burnt by the body, because the muscles increase the basal metabolic rate (the metabolic rate while resting) of the body, which in turn means that while you are sleeping on the sofa watching your favorite sitcom in the night after a good weight training work-out, your body burns a lot of more calories/fat than it would if you had not done the work-out!
  3. Third advantage is toning.  A lot of women dread strength training because they don’t want arms bigger than their boyfriends’.  Now the aim of weight training (or strength training) is indeed increase in size of muscles, but in case of women it is toning.  The reason is that testosterone which aids growth in size of muscles is present more in men and not women.  So girls, don’t worry and work out!

    Many beauties of western countries like Venezuela and USA display amazing bodies in international pageants. They are toned, fit and absolutely flawless.
  4. Fourth advantage is that strength training strengths your muscles, cartilage and tendons.  Your skeletal system becomes stronger.  And hence you can do your cardio-activities better.  You can run better.  In fact, those who run marathons, should do legs’ workout at least.
  5. Fifth point – strength training in moderate or even light levels ensure the “young and fit” look.  You get the taut face, the sexy butt and lean figure you were always wanting.  You feel fit.  You feel good about yourself.  At even 40, you can look 18.  The muscular structure in case of men is what makes them the hunks.

So girls, don’t worry and just embrace this wonderful form of exercise.  The pageant-babes can specially benefit from strength training since the workouts will make them look more toned and help them shed the extra fat.  They will look leaner and the dream of achieving that 9+ score in Miss Universe will not be far!