The Ultimate Genius Challenge – Episode 5

Half the season has already ended and it has been fun all the way!  Semi-finalists by far: Saloni, Priyank, Ankit and Adney!  Who will be the fifth semi-finalist?  In fact, it is possible that we may have two new semi-finalists just from this episode!  Will that happen?  Only time will show. 🙂  Episode 5 question:


Outline of the Format

  • In this season, we will have total 10 episodes – 8 prelims, 1 Semi-final and 1 Final.
  • The winners & 1st Runner-ups of the prelims will compete in Semi-Final for 2 spot in Finals.
  • The 2 leaders of the leader-board at the end of 8 episodes will get the remaining spots in the finals.

Maximum length of answers must be 300 characters (including spaces).  Entries with greater lengths will be considered invalid.

Rules & Regulations

  • Answer only as a comment to the official episode post in website (here)
  • Good grammar, complete spellings and overall presentation will also be considered.  But the main parameter of judgement will be content.
  • Answers on posts in social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will not be considered
  • Answers accepted only in English
  • Maximum length 300 characters (including spaces)
  • Entries to be submitted within prescribed time-limit
  • Winner to be announced post the deadline to submit entries
  • Judges’ decision is final
  • We operate as per IST

Hall Of Fame

  • EP01 – Winner: Saloni Sharma, 1st Runner-up: Priyank B, 2nd Runner-up Kartik Behl
  • EP02 – Winner: Ankit Bhatt, 1st Runner-up: Saloni Sharma, 2nd Runner-up Adney G
  • EP03 – Winner Saloni Sharma, 1st Runner-up: Ankit Bhatt, 2nd Runner-up Priyank B, 3rd Runner-up Smit Nikam, 4th Runner-up Iftekar Alam
  • EP04 – Winner Saloni Sharma, 1st Runner-up Adney G, 2nd Runner-up Smit Nikam, 3rd Runner-up Juan Spain, 4th Runner-up Kartik Behl

Current Leader-board



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  1. The movie ‘Rang de Basanti’ ignites the patriotism in anyone who watches it, not the kind that is all-engulfing and merciless but one that unites us across our thousand cultures, tongues and religions.That is something crucial to our country and that is something I envisage, hence my favourite

  2. Good evening
    An outstanding movie is the one that should continue to live on in us even after it’s over and one such movie that will always be intact in my brains is ‘Rang de Basanti’. This movie ignites the patriotism in anyone who watches it: not the kind of patriotism that is all-engulfing and merciless but one that unites us across our thousand cultures, tongues, religions and creed. That is something crucial to our country and that is something I envisage, hence my favorite movie.

  3. GE
    Jodha Akbar, an INDIAN simulacrum of Hindu rituals & Mughul customs, depicts An Emperor’s amaranthine luv n Respect for his better half leaving behind d orthodox derogatory of dominating d spouse, spectacling a man who not just Rules on mortals
    but ouhgts to Win n then Rule Hearts too
    Thanks 🙂

  4. “The pursuit of happines” the film shows hw a persn mst never giveup in life and stand firm 2 his goals besides determination persistance it also speaksstrongly of dads lve 4 his child which mvd me

  5. Most cutest Brother n sister’s love,most hurting when that sister dies n u don’t know how to overcome.”Pather Pachali” I love this movie for its plot as well as the superb style of expression n grt literary emotions, a family struggling so hard to earn its bread.

  6. The hopes and frustrations of contemporary indian youth is the crux of Adoor’s “kathapurushan”.It touches the core of your heart and emotions.Never in the past a director could depict human life so realistically and differently too.the deft handling of the subject is awesome and immortal.I salute the director.This is a must watch.

  7. “Avatar” its a lesson 4 humankind to stop damzing environment I bowed to james cameroon wen said see it as a broader metaphor nt so intensely politiciseda some wud make it but rather dats hw we treat the nature down to our feet. The films environmental advocasy moved me
    Thank yu
    Save environment

  8. I wonder what on earth could be more enthralling than watching a live canvas portraying myriad shades of human life.A tale of victory of hard work,perseverance,women power & unity over negativity,rivalry & social beliefs makes you realize that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.That’s CHAK DE INDIA.Thank you 🙂

  9. All the movies mentioned till now are on my favorite list..:D XD This challenge is so interesting.. I can name dozen more and that too with reasons XD
    Love you tgpc particularly for this question and for bringing up the whole challenge thing :*
    P.S. Just dont ask whats your fav song in next… cz person like me will just forfeit there.. 😀 just kidding!! 😉

  10. Harry Potter series! They’re not just movies but a huge world we all Potterheads live in. HP flows in my blood! It teaches us value of friendship, love, courage, sacrifice, respect, dedication! Makes you cry & laugh at a go. Inspire you to fight every challenge of life
    They’re more than just movies

    • P. S. One more reason, it feels great to be known as “Indian Harry Potter” 😛
      “Hey you look like Harry Potter!”

  11. I like movies that inspire me & those which reflect my own life.Prayers for Bobby is one such movie.Based on a true story of gay man who committed suicide because of his mother’s & society’s unacceptance.It made me cry & will can definitely change anybody’s view about homosexuality.

  12. Tare zameen par has to be my favourite movie.It taught me that all kids are unique.You should never compare two kids and you should support them to full throtle..If your kid needs “special care”
    accept that with applomb.Its all about loving your kids.

  13. Tare zameen par has to be my favourite a father it taught me that all kids are should never compare two kids,and support your kid to full throtle..if your kid is”special”accept it with applomb..its all about loving your children.

  14. Avatar It is lesson for humankind to stopdamaging environment I bowed to james wen said see it as a broader metaphor nt so intensely politicised a some wud make it but ratger that’s hw we treat the nature as well we are up to sky as we have every thing but shud remind sky is als nature gift save nature

  15. Hello People!
    “Hope is a good thing, may be the best of the things & no good things ever dies” – these words boost-opened the doors to my unending quest for ‘INFINITY’.
    Also, ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ inspires me each day to play my part and remains one of my favorites. This movie will never die.

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