5 Miss USA 2014 video interviews you CAN’T afford to miss!!!

Miss Universe Organization always does something new in Miss USA and then often tries the same in Miss Universe.  One of the new things they did this year was the interview videos.  Okay before anyone of you rants in mind, let us clarify that although the introduction videos have been there since very long, they are done really differently this time.  In fact it’s quite an impressive job. This is exactly how we like it and we do want the same in Miss Universe this year too!

General Impressions After Watching All Videos

We came to know a lot about the girls from the videos!  A lot of them come from small towns.  Many of them have traveled to different countries.  Many of them are active in social work.  Many of them have modelling careers.  And many of them are into sports.  The videos have given a chance to all the girls of projecting themselves before the world by not just talking about the charity they do but also about other aspects of their lives.  They talk about their likes, their adventures and their families.  There are so many pictures from their lives in each video.  This is perhaps the winning formula that pageants seem to be trying to figure – the pageants should be about the girls.  The contestants should be the focus.  This is exactly why Miss Universe is still favored more than Miss World.  The final show is about the contestants and the girls get a fair chance to present themselves, compared to Miss World.

Judging Parameters

We have made a humble attempt here to pick our favorites.  Now many girls are well-spoken.  So we have chosen girls based on the overall impressions made by them in the videos.  The intention here is to help our viewers watch some of the videos we think are really good.  And this can be helpful, because there are 51 videos and not many people would prefer to go through each and everyone of them.  Hence we come into picture to help you check out just the best ones! 🙂  Of course, everyone has different perspectives and so our choices may not match exactly with everyone!  Just in case you are one of those who don’t like our choices, please remember – WE TRIED WITH GOOD INTENT.  😀


Kristy is very much prepared for the interview and looks absolutely glamorous.  There are so many facets to her – she loves animals, has worked in a circus, is very athletic and is also very much into social work.  What we love particularly here is her glamorous look and that she is really interesting a person!


Cassandra is energetic and very well-spoken.  She talks about her family and interest in ballet.  She has been to Israel in addition to some other countries and is fond of zip-lining!  We particularly adore her fun and yet queenly persona!


Jesica is calm and serene.  She is matured and gives the impression of a very sensible person.  She talks about her family and her small town.  We see pictures of her from school, where she claims she was a nerd!  Then suddenly she shocks us with details about a family tragedy and how she stayed strong during the same.  We thus realize this stunningly gorgeous woman is also very emotional.  We loved her beauty and demeanor – full of serenity and maturity.


Nia is so excited as she talks on the video!  She looks gorgeous with those beautiful tresses.  But beware, she knows taekwondo – in fact she is an international grand champion in the same!  She loves Vegas and has big dreams about the pageant.  We really see a very strong contender in her.  The best thing about the video is her joyful presence and stunning looks.


Tiana comes across as a very warm and positive person.  She looks very beautiful in the video as she talks about her town, family and love for candy!  Women empowerment is an issue close to her heart.  The best thing about the video is her pleasantness.  She connects to you and you end up liking her as a person.

After watching the videos, our excitement about the pageant is at the apex!  Bless you Miss USA, for giving such a good opportunity to so many girls in the country.  Our best wishes are with each and everyone of them. 🙂