Exclusive: 5 reasons why we love Sushmita sen

India’s tryst with Miss Universe might have begun in 1990 but it reached its crescendo in the year 1994 when an 18-year-old Sushmita Sen entered the Miss India pageant. She went on to defeat the heavy favorite Ashwariya Rai  & bagged the right to represent India at Miss Universe and, as they say, rest is history. Sushmita Sen became the first ever Indian to win Miss Universe & one of the youngest title holders. Not only did Sushmita’s victory ushered India’s Success story in the world of pageants but it also changed the way the world looked at Indian women,  Sushmita has been the epitome of what a beauty Queen should be. Her elegance, wit & charm has conquered many hearts across the world .As today, it’s been 20 years since her victory, here are 5 reasons why we love Sushmita Sen even more.

Sushmita Sen through the years


#1  For Being a Woman of Substance :

There are many beauty queens who do charities or support a cause during their reign but there are very few who continue to do it even after they have passed on the crown, today Sushmita is associated with various charities in India which works for children. She does things in which she has faith she has never compromised on her ethics & believes. She stood against the law  & society as she wanted to adopt a child in a conservative society Sushmita faced many challenges but later she won a long legal battle today Sush is proud mother of 2 beautiful daughters Renne & Alisah.

Sushmita on her legal battle

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#2  bringing home the first Miss Universe Crown.


Even after 20 years we cherish her victory at the Miss Universe Pageant, most Indians started following pageants after her win. Sushmita won Miss Universe in pageant crazy country Philippines, man Filipinos named their new born daughters after Sushmita not only in India but even in Philippines Sushmita enjoys a super star status.Her final answer is still the most quoted answer in pageantry.

Sushmita’s final answer at Miss Universe 1994.PicMonkey Collage

#3  Great Speaker.

During the Miss Universe 1994 Parade of Nations, Sush introduced her self as “From the land where love is the essence of life”. This was one of the gems that came out of Sushmita’s mouth. During the Miss Universe finale, it was her eloquence that helped her in winning the crown and even today when ever she speaks, she commands the attention of the listeners. Her final walk as the reigning Miss Universe is considered as one of the most well written speech in the history of the pageant.

#4 Flamboyant Personality. 

One thing that we like about Sushmita is her confidence. She is so secure as a person that she never appears to be sad or in a bad mood  in the public domain, her positive attitude always attracts people towards her she is never hesitant to click pictures with her fans or chat with them. The moment she enters the room she knows how to get all the attention without doing anything.

#5 Sushmita Sen is the Style Diva.



Never did Chemistry looked so interesting nor did the Saree looked this sexy as Sushmita grazed the Silver Screen as a Chemistry teacher in Farah Khan’s Main Ho Naa . Sushmita brought the polka dot Chiffon Sarees back in fashion. She has an eye for luxury & big brands from around the world; be it watches,dresses,shoes or hand bags. Sush has all the big labels in her wardrobe. These days sushmita mostly appears in black maybe it’s her lucky charm.


We congratulate her for completing 20 years of being Miss Universe today..!!! May she keep growing.