RESULTS: Peoples’ Choice Award for Femina Miss India 2014 !!

2,152,264 VOTES !! 😀 😀 😀

With more than 2 million votes in such a short of time, Peoples’ Choice Awards poll for FMI’14 is highly successful.  We thank all the voters and the contestants for their enthusiasm.  We feel we contributed to the pageant and the fans who overwhelm us with their messages of love and appreciation.

Tonight is the night when the fate of three girls will change once and for all.  We pity the judges and even the Femina team because they will have to do the herculean task of choosing three winners from a batch which is full of stunners!  The good part is, whoever they pick will be a good choice, because ALL ARE GOOD !!

Our viewers have made their choice, and what a fantastic choice they have made!  Here are the results of the poll –

Winner : Yoshiki Sindhar

1st Runner-up : Malati Chahar

2nd Runner-up : Medhini Igoor

3rd Runner-up : Mansi Grewal

4th Runner-up : Jantee Hazarika

Congratulations Girls !!




Yoshiki Sindhar has won the Award with almost 0.8 MILLION votes!  It’s surprising, especially in such a short time!  It is a matter of appreciation and gratitude for Yoshiki, because it is only the love of her fans, friends and family which is reflecting in this huge number.  This is what makes TGPC Peoples’ Choice Award special.  You feel worthy when you know you are loved, and winning this award makes you aware that you indeed are loved.

Humble Yoshiki won’t but she CAN boost of a number of strenghts 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. A gorgoeus face which instantly makes one think that she may have Venezuelan roots! 😀
  2. Her tall structure makes her look  more magnificent.
  3. She has really worked on her body which has improved amazingly from the regional pageant to the national pageant.
  4. Her personality is wonderful.  She speaks with a lot of confidence and passion.
  5. She is highly talented!  Her voice is mesmerizing.  She finished second in the Talent contest!
  6. She also made it to the Top 10 of Beauty with a Purpose award and her presentation is highly appreciated.  She might even win it.
  7. She won the Miss Adventurous award!
  8. She is the favorite of INES LINGRON – the lady behind the success of Japan at Miss Universe in the last decade!
  9. She can be groomed into an outstanding contender for Miss World and Miss Universe.  Just in case she misses to win the top spot tonight, we will prefer to see her back in Miss Diva and win it all!  But of course, she can be lucky tonight too!  Lucky because she deserves it!

On and all, the people have made a wonderful choice.  One of our fans sent a message about Yoshiki.  It beautifully describes the popularity of the girl and the love that people have for her:

“She has natural elegance, class and poise written all over her which she occasionally jams up by a little pout n eye squint to transform into a fun yet sexy vixen. Her beauty most importantly is sale-able to both men n women. Her swimsuit shot is very women friendly while her charm can be enticing to men. All that combined with her singing talent, tall frame, modelling experience, intelligence, beauty and growing popularity makes her a force to reckon with.”

Congratulations Yoshiki and best wishes for tonight!  Our love and prayers are with you!

Thanks everyone again for your participation in the poll! 

Final Status of the Poll: