Exclusive: TGPC’s Final HOT-PICKS for FMI’14… with Fan-commentaries!!!

The last phase of the Femina Miss India 2014 contest is going on.  In less than 48 hours from this moment, the world will know the name of the beauty who will wear the “India” sash at the Miss World pageant later this year.  Winning the pageant is a herculean task for any of the twenty four contestants, because most of them are very competitive and strong in beauty as well as personality.  Our experts had little battles amongst themselves in coming up with the list.  Nevertheless the rankings were finalised and here we present them, with faith that you will appreciate the efforts of our team.

Like always, we strive to do things in newer ways.  The prestigious pageant has many fans and followers, number of who have fun on the internet by discussing about the girls and the activities.  We decided to invite some of them to be a part of this review.  They graciously agreed.  🙂  Who they are, and more about them – at the end of the article!

The Final Hot-Picks of TGPC for Femina Miss India 2014, along with fan commentaries, is as follows.

Rank # 10 Varsha Gopal



  •         “Varsha Gopal is an exotic beauty. She is simple yet sophisticated in her own way. She is a good model. She is charming and beautiful, but I think she definitely needs to step up her game. A little more spark and she can do wonders!!!!” – Saloni
  •         “I think she is a standout when it comes to international style & make up, so she exactly knows how to put her best step forward.” – Pravin

Rank # 9 Amarjyot Kaur



  •         “An absolutely stunning girl who has lost herself between the 23 others. She has a top favourite earlier but I hope she can pull herself up for the finale” – Urvashi
  •         “Pretty Face, Decent body competing in the wrong year… She can place if she wins Multimedia…” – Adney

Rank # 8 Deepti Sati



  •         “The Surprise package. I love this girl, she has pulled a huge surprise, she is beautiful, the dusky skin tone suits her so well making her exotic and hopefully she can win one of the 3 crowns.” – Urvashi
  •         “Well DEEPTI is honest at heart…and when I saw her video I started liking her…when all the girls were saying they wants to be MISS WORLD that’s why they want to win MISS INDIA,,, Deepti said She is worthy of MISS INDIA crown which I really liked……” – Iftekar
  •         “She is a classical Indian beauty. Deepti is multi-talented. A good dancer she also designed her NC.” – Chetan

Rank # 7 Mansi Grewal



  •         “Mansi Grewal is diamond in the rough, I see the other Manasi (Universe’13) in her, and if she puts enough efforts then she will be on the same journey as Manasi Moghe. If it was any other batch, she would have won the crown but she is competing in the strongest batch since 2006.” – Adney
  •         “Mansi Grewal has a really pretty face, which it has properly styling, can launch a thousand ships… However I feel she is overshadowed by other strong co-delegates.” – Lisbern


Rank # 6 T J Bhanu



  •         “Perfect example of natural beauty which India is known for, hardworking (and) that shows… Despite less experienced in the world of modelling, she has such a huge fan following already!” – Pravin
  •         “T.J. though beautiful, I feel, is not properly groomed. Her hair and skin are a mess and so is her dress sense.” – Chetan

Rank # 5 Aradhana Nayar



  •         “Aradhana stands out for having a unique face. Along with that there are other notable factors which make her stand out like her toned curvy body and speaking skills also her ability to stand out in every photo shoot.” – Adney
  •         “Aradhana has the same Shristi Rana vibe going on in her but it is her competitive edge that sets her apart from the rest. She is one of the best spoken girls and that body is killer!” – Lisbern

Rank # 4 Yoshiki Sindhar



  •         “Yoshiki: she is a diva… she is so sultry and enigmatic… d only hitch is her skin tone and her body…but she can work upon it coz if she wins she has a lot of time to get sorted.” – Kartik
  •         “She has natural elegance, class and poise written all over her which she occasionally jams up by a lil pout n eye squint to transform into a fun yet sexy vixen. Her beauty most importantly is saleable to both men n women. Her SS shot is very women friendly while her charm can be enticing to men. All that combined with her singing talent, tall frame, modelling experience, intelligence, beauty and growing popularity makes her a force to reckon with.” – Theo


Rank # 3 Koyal Rana



  •         Koyal has a glowing face, a strong presence on stage, aura of a miss world queen and she is very confident. She is beautiful inside and out, she has been doing so much for the welfare of underprivileged children. Above all, she is a pageant veteran, so she has a strong edge over other contestants. She has good communication skills and is always calm and composed. All these qualities make her a top contender for the crown.” Saloni
  •         “It’s been more than a month since we came to know Koyal well and she is growing in our hearts with each passing day. Her beautiful face, charming personality, modelling skills, well-shaped body, good communication, and a true Beauty with a Purpose… She has a golden heart to help the needy. She is pageant veteran and won a national teen pageant over the likes of Urvashi Rautela and Vanya Mishra prove her metal. Overall she is ready to fit in the shoes of Navneet. However she needs to fill up her body which I find a bit skinny for Miss World.” – Smit

Rank # 2 Jhataleka Malhotra



  •         “Jhataleka is a photogenic girl! Coming all the way since Miss Diva has given her enough pageant experience. She nailed all the photo shoots in FMI and won National Costume award over the front runners like Gail & Jantee with Angelique presentation of her elegant tricoloured peacock gown. Julia must be impressed! Though her body is still not transformed since Miss Diva, she can be good choice for Supranational, if not sent to Miss World. Supra loves such faces. All she needs to do is transforming the body into a stunner and learn to present it.” – Smit
  •         “Jhataleka is really a wonderful girl, carrier lots of grace with herself. She can be fierce and decent, photogenic and an embodiment to look at. It won’t be a surprise if she wins this year.” – Sonia

Rank # 1 Nikhila Nandgopal



  •         “She is a confident, beautiful girl, who has it in her to win the top title. She is talented, strong in her walk. She needs to work more on her body and she might just win the International title.” – Urvashi
  •         “She is peppy and seems to be very fun loving… she is doing great at just 18… I hope she works on her styling and her hair… Her eye bags need to be taken care off.” – Kartik
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Fotor040432148SPECIAL MENTIONS: Gail D’Silva, Jantee Hazarika, Ashwati Ramesh, Malati Chahar 


We are extremely thankful to all the fans who agreed to be a part of this…  THANK YOU! 🙂

More about them…

  •         Pravin – We asked the IT manager and pageant blogger from Goa to choose one among Megan Young and Gabriela Isler.  He chooses Megan – “Although I am a big fan of Miss Universe but I would go for Megan coz she was perfect that night n gave a great answer and its very impressive the kind of charity work she has done since she was crowned and that’s just few months  … she is beauty n brains making the most.”
  •         Urvashi – The photographer from Dubai chooses Nikhila, Deepti and Koyal for the Top 3 of Miss India, but feels that the results will be perhaps surprising with someone unexpected taking it all.
  •         Smit – The 12th grader from Nashik considers Koyal, Nikhila, Jhataleka, Varsha and Yoshiki as his favourites for Miss India this year.  He “somewhat” likes Jantee and Deepti too!
  •         Saloni – We stumped this 23-years old student from Punjab with a weird question to choose between Yukta Mookhey and Diana Hayden.  But then pageant followers are clear about their choices always!  She says and we quote, “I really like Yukta. Diana is beautiful but I love Yukta. When she was crowned, she looked so regal. So royal. So elegant. So classy. So queenly… I simply love her aura. She is so beautiful.
  •         Kartik – 27 years-old businessman from Delhi considers Navneet Kaur Dhillon as his favourite Miss India.  He charms us with his suave and soft-spoken style of chatting.
  •         Sonia – Gorgeous collegian from Dehradun studies chemistry and prefers sizzling Lara Dutta over the hot Priyanka Chopra.
  •         Adney – 25 years-old Internet researcher & big fan of black beauties from Goa is in a fix when asked to choose between Goan beauties Harshita and Gail.  He says it’s like choosing between “heart and brain” but finally leans towards Gail! 
  •         Lisbern – This 22 years-old student from Goa is a fan of Lara Dutta and considers her the best Miss India ever, because, quoting him, “she possesses regality, wit, genuine heart, flair on the ramp, x factor and that Indian touch”.
  •         Chetan – He works in BPO industry in Mumbai and strongly feels that Sobhita could have done better than Navneet at Miss World last year.  He thinks she could have won the BWAP award and impressed everyone with her oratory skills!  Chetan is following pageants from years!
  •          Theo – He is young and budding stylist from North-East India, who is a big fan of Miss India 2006 Neha Kapur and thinks that no other girl can beat Neha when it comes to confidence and presence.
  •         Iftekar – He is 17, studies in Mumbai and is mad about Aishwarya Rai!  Well, you are not the only one buddy!