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TMW’14: Analysis of the pageant till now…

Contestants-Top Model of the World 2014

Contestants-Top Model of the World 2014

We are just 9 days away from the results of the pageant ‘Top Model of the World 2014‘ and we have seen enough from  the pageant to pass on our judgement on the way pageant is going on, on the contestants and on the host.

What we liked about Top Model of the World?

El Gouna City

Host-El Gouna City

1) The Host city, El Gouna in Egypt, is just awesome. The beauty is quite exotic and the pageant helped us to get familiarized with the city of El Gouna. This city may be considered for tourist spot some day in future. Bravo to the hosts.

Click to go to FB page of TMW

Click to go to FB page of TMW

2) There is no lack of pictures and updates. the Fan page of TMW (Link: is quite active regarding the contestants pics and updates. This helps us identify the front runners and also make a detailed review for each and every girls to be considered for our hotpicks.

Miss Mauritius holding baby tortoise

Miss Mauritius holding baby tortoise

3) The activities are at par with biggest pageants of the world like Miss Universe and Miss World. Although the quantity of the participants may not be that huge but the way the activities are being conducted, like go-carting, golf, swimming, wind paddling, various dinner events, etc are just awesome. We could see how girls are really enjoying their time in Egypt being in the contest of TMW.



4) Our voting poll for People’s Choice Award (Link: had recieved more than 4 lac votes in mere 5 days. The rush from the various countries like Tanzania, Albania, Australia, USA, India, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Bahamas, South Africa, Botswana, Jamaica, Belgium and the list goes on and on, shows that this pageant has got followers across the globe and does have the potential to become one of the most admired pageants someday in future.


5) Quality of the girls are much better than what we thought in the beginning. Stunners like girls from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Honduras, Paraguay have become the major threat for the crown where as stunning black beauties like Ethopia, Tanzania, Jamaica are no less in the competition. Girls like Italy, India, El Salvador, Mediterranean, Bahamas, Belgium seems to have a lot of fan following helping them to stand out in their own way and girls like China, Taiwan, Mongolia are channelizing the porcelain dolls of the contest. Soon we shall be releasing our first Hotpicks by expert and shall reveal who we think should win the Top Model of the World 2014.

Our Suggestions to Top Model of the World:

Although Top Model of the World 2014 has not at all failed to impress us from the way it had been conducted, we can’t deny the fact that there are always scope of improvements for any pageant. If TMW’14 can execute the following suggestions, we can really see them gathering a huge fan following next year.

1) If we could get to see individual photoshoot of each and every girls in Swimsuit, Evening gown and Casual dresses, it could help us much more to see through the real beauty of the girls. Most of the time we see girls in group photoshoot, which makes certain girls go unnoticed due to certain girls completely outshining the other girls in the pic.

2) Its very easy to judge the girls just on the basis of beauty but to have a fair idea of the girls personality and attitude, its really very necessary to see them speaking and interacting. Hence, it would be great if they could upload an individual video of each girl where they introduce themselves in short and tell us more about their hobbies, likings and all. This can really help in determining the winner.

3) We understand that it might be little difficult to telecast the finale on Television channels across the globe, but if they could upload their finale videos on the website after the pageant is over, it can help us determine how the pageant was conducted and gather more fan following. Just on the basis of the pictures of finale, it’s bit difficult to pass the judgement.

4) It was bit surprising to see the Host country’s delegate absent from the pageant. Usually it’s very rare to see the absence of host delegate from the pageant, if they could find some worthy delegate to represent the host country it can help sponsors and the pageant to gather higher fan following.

Stay tuned for our first hotpicks for the pageant ‘Top Model of the World 2014’ to see whom our experts think as a front runner for the crown. Meanwhile, do check up the activities and how girls are enjoying their time in Egypt, in gallery below:

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