JUST FOR FUN: Which FMI’14 girl is suitable to which international pageant

Pageants are always tricky and it is trickier to find right girl for right pageant.  It takes much more than just a pretty face to win or make a memorable impression at international platform.  Femina Miss India 2014 is in its last leg and hence we decided to classify the contestants pageant-wise.  One may understand that each pageant is different from each other, but there are some Basic qualities that are required to make a good impression & achieve placement.

Humble Personality, Positive attitude, Team Leader, Good Speaker, Great Stage presence, good walk and projection.  These are all primary requirements; the secondary ones depends upon the pageants.

Times Group Holds Franchise of Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Supranational, Miss Asia Pacific World and 2-3 other pageants;  even though Femina Miss India only selects girls for World, Earth and Supranational, we have taken liberty to classify girls for Miss Universe and Miss International as well.


Miss World Pageant is the easiest to understand but is toughest one to crack because of the fast tracks/Challenger events.  Basically there are 6 Fast tracks –TOP MODEL, BEACH FASHION/BEAUTY, TALENT, SPORTS, BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE AND MULTIMEDIA.  They also have world dress designer award, but it doesn’t  contain any marks or guarantees any placement.  BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE is the challenger event which contains the highest points; All important Close door interview round is important -the marks are almost double compared to challenger events.  While choosing the winner one should for a girl with great body, good ramp-walk skills and impressive communication skills.  One can work upon BWAP & Multimedia later but above mentioned qualities are a must-have.  The girls who we think can be good at Miss World from the Femina Miss India batch this year are as follows.

(left to right)Sanjana Ganesan,Nikhila Nandgopal,Gail Nicole Da Silva,Koyal Rana,Jhataleka Malhotra.
(left to right)Sanjana Ganesan, Nikhila Nandgopal, Gail Nicole Da Silva, Koyal Rana, Jhataleka Malhotra



Without a doubt, Miss Universe is the most glamours pageant today.  The key to success in Miss Universe is a great face with good body, good stage presence  and high dose of confidence.  Being a bitch won’t be good as the chaperons report the behavior of contestants to the management.  There aren’t any fast tracks events but there is all-important preliminaries, where contestants have to compete  against  each other in Swim Suit and evening competitions.  Then they have the all-important closed-door interview which lasts for hardly a minute or two, where girls have  to make a good impression on preliminary judges .  All the 3 score are added and then the Top 15 is selected.  It is said that MUO has a say in choosing some of the girls in the Top 15, irrespective of their preliminary scores.  The girls who we think can be good at Miss Universe are as follows.

(left to right)Malati Chahar,Yoshiki Sindhar,Ashwati Ramesh,Varsha Gopal,Mansi Grewal.
(left to right)Malati Chahar, Yoshiki Sindhar, Ashwati Ramesh, Varsha Gopal, Mansi Grewal



This pageant  is India’s Achilles heel – India has won all 3 major titles except this one.  What Miss International Organization looks for is leaders who can lead from front during the pre-pageant activities.  Contestants are mostly judged on their behavior over here  and during finals, good walk in both evening gowns and Swimsuits is a must.  The girls who we think can be good at Miss  International are as follows.

(left to right)Irshikaa Mehrotra,Sonal Rihani,Simran Khandelwal,Medhini Igoor.
(left to right) Irshikaa Mehrotra, Sonal Rihani, Simran Khandelwal, Medhini Igoor.



They keep changing the selection process – last year it was continental cut off, a year before that the contestants were divided into groups.  There is a medal tally, where contestants have to compete to win gold, silver and Bronze; though this medal tally doesn’t have any bearing on selection.  Many say that the girls are shortlisted after close door interview.  The girls who we think can be good at Miss  Earth are as follows.

(left to right)Deepti Sati,Jantee Hazarika,Arpita Kaur,Charmaine Sequeira,Aditi Vats.
(left to right)Deepti Sati, Jantee Hazarika, Arpita Kaur, Charmaine Sequeira, Aditi Vats.



Supranational is a new pageant  the contestants are judged throughout the pageant.  Miss Supranational is high-energy show, so they prefer fierce girls with good bodies and amazing walks.  The girls who we think can be good at Miss Supranational are as follows.

(left to right)Amarjot Kaur,Aradhana Nayar,Sahithya Jagannathan.
(left to right)Amarjot Kaur, Aradhana Nayar, Sahithya Jagannathan


MAPW  is the new pageant on the block they are looking for talented girls who can turn out to be future super stars.  The girls who we think can be good at Miss ASIA PACIFIC WORLD are as follows.

(left to right)T J Bhanu,Lopamudra Raut.
(left to right)T J Bhanu, Lopamudra Raut