Movie Review: Things we liked about “Queen”


Alright, we loved Hasee to Phasee this year, but we were totally blown away by Queen!  There is so much the movie can boost about.  Without waiting, we will straight away go to what we loved about the film.

  1. First and foremost, the Queen herself is amazing.  Kangana Ranaut plays this silly, cute, dumb, regular girl from a small town, who is a little conservative and yet a little modern.  She is pretty, but she is quite traditional.  When her fiancee leaves her, she is tattered.  Kangana totally amazed me in that scene.  Then her journey to knowing herself starts.  
  2. We loved the scene where Rani aka Kangana gets drunk and talks to Vijaylakhsmi (the super-bold Lisa Hayden) about her life.  It was just fun watching it.
  3. We loved Lisa Hayden too!  She is hot, sexy, bold and does perfect justice to her part.
  4. We loved the scene where she recalls how her fiancee bashed her for dancing freely.  The moment touches me.
  5. We loved the three foreign actors.  The idea of such a circumstance in itself is so unique!
  6. The freshness of the story – the ideas which translate into a screenplay.  We totally savored the way the story unfolds.
  7. The first kiss!  we had the inkling that Italian character may try to kiss Kangana.  When she gets the opportunity, We were so excited to see it manifest for the girl!  She boldly follows her heart and does it – then and there she redefines the “modern Indian woman” – a free, bold, liberated personality who follows her bliss.  We might would have hated the film if she had not kissed the guy.  We loved the modernity of the story.
  8. Of course, the film is full of a lot of adult humor – now its not exactly vulgar or even hardcore adult – but one can definitely not label it as kids’ stuff.
  9. And yes, we loved the scene in sex toy store – Hilarious!
  10. We LOVED the way movie ends. Loved how Kangana thanked her fiancee at the end.  We find it exquisite and absolutely amazing!

Overall, We loved this one!  Totally recommended to all those who like good cinema.

Rating – **** (4 stars)